Mosaic 1.2 - apps can’t find device

Just updated the control apps to 1.2 but it can’t locate my Rossini

Roon replay on Rossini is fine

So I suspect I need to update the firmware on Rossini as well? How how to do it if the apps fail to find my Rossini?


Hi Gordon,

You can update the Rossini from a web browser if the app can’t find it. If you put the IP address of the Rossini into a web browser (you can see how to determine the IP address of your unit here), you can prompt the update via the internet from there.

I’d recommend hard rebooting your Rossini prior to commencing the update, just to ensure things go smoothly there.


Had the same issue. The secret is in dCS’s wording: “You can use the device’s WEB interface to perform the update.”. So, with your PC or tablet or phone, use a web browser and open the device’s Web interface. There’s a “Check firmware” button there, use that.

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Ah thanks. All ok now. Updated smoothly

Hard rebooting prior to update is a great recommendation, thx @James

I have found it more reliable to update from the web interface. For this purpose I actually reserved the Rossini a specific IP in my local network so accessing it via the web interface is easy.

I can confirm this issue. If the Mosaic app updates itself to 1.2.0 (129) but the dCS device is still running 1.1.3 (506) - the previous version - the app will not see the dCS device. This means that the dCS device will need to be updated via a web browser to function correctly.

As noted above, this can be done by browsing to the IP address of the dCS unit on a web browser (you can see details on how to determine the IP address of your dCS unit here), clicking on Device Settings, then under the Internet Update section clicking Check for update. The unit should update correctly from there.

We are working to resolve this by way of a new app version ASAP. No further updates to the dCS unit will be required, just a new app version pushed to iOS / Android. This issue is not present if both the app and device are on the latest version, so once it has been updated everything will work correctly.

Apologies for the inconvenience here.


Can confirm the same for my Bartok HP. Easy enough to upgrade via the web interface though. Loving TIDAL Connect - thank you dcs!

I noticed if you try updating from the previous version of Mosaic, it will see the device but the update will not succeed unless you power cycle the device first (the “downloading” portion gets stuck at about part 166/4096.)

After a clean reboot, the update works just fine from the previous version of Mosaic.

Of course after the upgrade is applied, the new version of Mosaic finds the device instantly.

Hi everybody

i understand reading you that mosaic 1.2 update needs an update of the box (dac) to perform.
but i can’t see any available update for my network bridge, neither on the web page , neither with automatic update from the web page (Downloading update failed message)
this morning my android set has updated to 1.2
now i can’t detect the network bridge
i have rebooted evrything possible
the NB himself is ok from the network (web browser)
any advice for me ?

Hi folks,

Version 1.2.1 of the Mosaic app is now live on both Android and iOS, so if you update the app you should not encounter the above issue with device discovery.


Hi Pierre,

Could you kindly take a screenshot of the Versions settings page in Mosaic to show what software version your Network Bridge is currently running on?

Also, are you able to provide a screenshot of what happens when you tap the ‘Check for updates’ button in the app or on the web page?

Thanks to worry about my problem!

sorry but i can,'t cause when i launch he try to detect the NB and never succeed, so i have not the ability to go into the menu…!
i have uninstalled et reinstalled my android without any change


he is now downloading a network firmware.
i will tell you and close my post if successfull

download ok, then reboot, bluen led clipping, no sound untill yet.
app version android is 120(129), mainboard 120 network board 120(507)

still waiting for sound

sound is back after a reset factory.
everything fine
what a pity not to have a function to save playlists
searches are kept but not the playlists afyter reset

thanks James

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