Welcome dCS Mosaic 1.2

I have just upgraded to Mosaic 1.2.

The update process did not go smoothly, unfortunately. The automatic reboot did not happen, had to do it manually. And Mosaic also could not find my Rossini afterwards Mosaic 1.2 - apps can’t find device

Anyway, after the update this is shown in Versions and About in the app:

Although I have updated the app prior to downloading and installing the update, the app version is incorrect:

  • it should be dCS Mosaic Control version: 1.2 (193)
  • but it shows: dCS Mosaic Control version: 1.2 (129)

Maybe @James can explain what went wrong?


Hi Erno,

The reason the reboot did not happen automatically is that it cannot do this during an FPGA update - this is expected behaviour for Rossini with this update, so nothing to be concerned about.

On the version numbers, the app reporting as 1.2.0 (129) is correct - this is the current version.

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Thanks James,

I just got confused because the release notes of Mosaic 1.2 say:

So: dCS Mosaic Control version: 1.2 ( 193 )

You’re absolutely right, that’s an error on the release notes, not the product. Apologies for the confusion, I’m not sure what happened there. Will get the PDF updated ASAP.

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How long does it take ro upgrade please? My system is now 20min in an upgrade process… thanks!

It can take up to 45 minutes for the update - is this with your Rossini? What is the display showing?

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Release notes have now been updated, thanks for picking this up Erno :slight_smile:


Thank you also James for quickly solving this.

The new release notes are now here .

Did Control Board update? Wondering if the SPDIF bug was resolved.

(at work now so cannot check)

Hi Miguel,

Yes, the control board was updated and this issue was resolved.

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Thanks- it shows only the volume level. Any other function is disabled it seems…it‘s a Rossini

And Mosaic:

Thanks for getting the Transport Controls working, I can now finally delete my old “dCS Rossini” app!!

However, I posted in support about two new issues I found and I wonder if they are known issues:

New DSD issues with Mosaic 1.2 and Rossini Player 2.0.3

This caught my eye in section 2.2
Roon Ready
Updated SDK. DSD, DSD X2 and crossfeed elements now included in the signal path. DOP removed from signal path

Curious what “DOP removed from the signal path” means

Are there release notes for Control Board v2.0.3?

I believe Roon can natively send DSD data to the Roon Core running on the DAC, so there’s no need to have DoP capability built in.

ok, I’m now on 203 and network 507 :slight_smile: had to re-boot…

@James : Is this correct?

I like that Spotify is atheistic now… :slight_smile: God ruins everything.

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I was puzzled by your remark, but now see :joy:

The release notes need another update! @James