First 0.84 second of DSD playback bug fixed in 2.0.3 firmware, but new bugs appear

There’s good news… and bad with this morning’s release of Mosaic 1.2 and version 2.03 of software for the Rossini family.

The good news: the DSD bug as discussed previously is fixed. When I follow the steps to reproduce this listed above, the issue is gone.

The bad news: I can still reproduce it in a slightly different way.

There is also are two new (minor) bugs that may upset some of you.

New instructions to reproduce:

  1. Set the input to a different input; Coaxial or Toslink work for me
  2. In Mosaic, go to Mosaic → UPNP → (server name)
  3. Navigate to a track and tap “Play Now”

You will see the Rossini front panel change to the Network input and the song aritst and title pop up and… it will drop the first 1.5 seconds of the track, longer than before.

However, if you use the “back” button the track will play from the beginning, as expected, but with the new bug below in force.

Now, the new bugs:

Bug One:

If from the UPNP menu in Mosaic you tap a different (DSD) track and tap “Play Now,” playback of the current track will stop, followed by silence, then a digital “tick” or “pop” (not obnoxious, it sounds like what would be a static pop on an LP) and the new track starts.

I could see this become annoying for those who use Mosaic to jump to different demo tracks on their system or who often restart tracks, though it’s not at all destructive or high volume, just behavior Mosaic didn’t show before.

What’s interesting is if I jump back to the beginning of the track, I hear the same “static pop” at the head of the track… some percentage of the time, but not always, perhaps 75%. I suspect the DAC buffer isn’t being cleared of previous data and there’s just an anomalous frame or two left in the buffer before the new track starts.

The “static pop” is heard when the track starts playing, not at the beginning of audio, so if you have a track with say a second of silence at the front of it, you will hear the “tick,” followed by silence and the start of audio.

Bug Two:

The “back to start of track” button does not function if within the first second of playback of a track. You will see the button flash, but playback will not return to the beginning of the track.

You can see this most clearly by pausing the track first. Normally when paused, when you tap the “back to start” button playback restarts from the beginning of the track, but if within the first second, playback does not restart, and if you tap “play” playback just resumes from where you paused it, not the start of the track.

I realize the last two are nits compared to the earlier issue, but I don’t recall either occurring with the previous version of Mosaic and/or the previous version of firmware.

I know these new bugs are nits, but I use the “back to start of track” functionality all the time to catch something I missed.

Has anyone else been able to verify these issues in their system? The method to reproduce them is pretty simple.


I have not performed the upgrade on my system, will check these issues once I do…