[Mosaic FAQ] Finding the IP address of your dCS device

In some support and troubleshooting scenarios it may be necessary to locate the network address (IP address) assigned to your dCS device. There are a number of ways to do this and this post will describe the methods most accessible to all users.

Method 1 - Front Panel Menus

  1. Start with your device powered up and the display showing the default status screen.

  2. Press the MENU button on your device to show the menu (INFO will be highlighted).

  3. Press the Menu button again to show the contents of the “INFO” menu (UNIT STATUS will be highlighted).

  4. Press the Menu button to open the UNIT STATUS screen. Use the > button to scroll through the list until you find the IP address.

  5. Note the address, then press the Menu button to exit the Unit Status screen. The screen will return to the default in a few moments.

Method 2 - Using the dCS Mosaic Control

  1. Open dCS Mosaic Control to the main screen and tap the menu button in the upper left corner.

    image    Menu button

  2. Tap the device selection button


  3. You will find the IP address of your device underneath its name on the device selection page.