Will Ethernet via powerline adapter affect the sound quality of Network Bridge?

Will Ethernet via powerline adapter affect the sound quality of Network Bridge?Maybe direct ethernet cable connection is preferred?

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I wouldn’t advise it due to the EMI/RFI pollution picked up on a ( typically unshielded) power line. OK for text data transmission but fed in to your NB and then passed on to other devices in your system?

Further, sending data via a power line is really adding distortion to what ought to be a pure 50 or 60 Hz sine wave. Think of how much money many audiophiles spend on mains power cleaning devices just to resolve such matters.

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Thank you so much for your advice. Do you know how meters ethernet cable I can use without losses? The modem is about 10 meters away from NB

In theory about 100m is the limit without loss. So 10m is no problem.

BTW many of us here have found that the cable quality affects the resulting sound. Here is a link to a thread which has a number of suggested cables:

I will stick to my recommendation of the German Meicord as a great cable at a reasonable price.


In the following link the company claims that the cable is enough to have these specifications.I do not know from technical specifications. I will see for German Meicord
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Do I need special Ethernet cables for my dCS product?

When you open the Meicord website do make sure to read their white paper on the cable and meeting cat. specifications.


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I use a Vodka cable too, it works great. Good choice I think.

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This is what cable and lenghts I use for ethernet

0.5 meter catsnake from wall socket to router
O.5 meter catsnake from router to Cisco switch
7 meter catsnake from Cisco switch to Melco N1ZS/2
1.5 meter audioquest diamond from Melco to Rossini

It has a fast, detailed punchy sound, the audioquest diamond cable in the final journey makes a very nice difference to ripped CD’s and highres downloads and this cable is certainly the best i have tried between the Melco and Rossini, as before with other cables i still preferred the CD player in the rossini over the ripped version off the same disc on the Melco, this was also using the Melco D100 to rip the CD’s, the CD player just had the edge before, with a more lively sound, but now the Melco has the edge and adds an extra layer of detail and a lovely dark quite background to all the tracks.
Plus streaming has also had a great uplift in quality and is not massively behind the highres downloads or ripped CD’s, infact its very close and hard to detect on most albums played through qobuz, as long as the quality of the track is ok.
I tried the vodka and its a great cable for the price, but the diamond certainly brings an extra layer to it all, i feel at Rossini level and just about the Bartok as well, your system deserves the diamond as it will certainly help the details and the extra sound stage you will get from it on your system.

But always open for advice and things to try, to help inpove things, but right now its all sounding the best it ever has

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