What Ethernet cable are you using into you streamer?

So, last night I tried an Audioquest Vodka Ethernet cable from the network switch to the Rossini.

Wow! I need one!

But before I commit, just wondering what you guys are using.

But the way, until now, I have been using standard Cat 7 with Telegartner RJ45’s.



Audioquest Forest.

I use and suggest a cable that actually conforms to the CAT6 standard (surprisingly not all do). It performs extremely well in practice. Further, although more costly than run of the mill cables, it is still comparatively reasonably priced. It is the German Meicord ( can also be easily obtained in the UK but I do not know where you are situated):


I have also found that the one that Melco makes is excellent.

Hi Paul,

I use a Audioquest Vodka too, and am very satisfied with it :ok_hand:t2:

Same here!!!

Thanks everyone.

@PAR, I’m in the UK I will check out that cable too.

Vodka is high on the list!



I’ll just mention, without in any way knocking AQ Vodka which I am sure is excellent, that Meicord is about 1/5th of the price.

You could also look at the excellent Supra ethernet cable cat 8 which I believe has similar qualities and price level.
If money is no object, I would recommend you to have a look at ANSUZ´products. I use an ethernet cable A2 between switch and dCS Network Bridge with outstanding results.
Supra is from Sweden and Ansuz from Denmark, both within the EU.

I wonder if it is the use of DRAKA UC1500 HS22 Cat.7A S/FTP 4P LSHF simplex cable inside of the Ansuz A2 that makes it that good or the use of Telegärtner MFP8 connectors?

The name of the cable is visable if you move the sleeve around a bit (you can buy it in Germany for 8SEK per meter and Telegärtner contacts is around 100SEK a piece. After seeing this a ordered the Draka cable and Teleärtner contacts and will build it my self for a cost around 250SEK.

Just face it many brands take rather ordinary cables, puts on a nice sleeve and makes the marketing department write some cool stuff about what they came up with.

Googling Ansuz now. Thanks.

Thank you for your eye-opening reply, octaviars! I think this is a good example of the value of a forum like this - we can learn to be more insightful when practising our hobby!
I congratulate you on having such skills as to be able to make your own cables.
Even if I now have a different perception of value of the Ansuz A2, I can still hear that it does a good job in my system. So I will continue to be happy for that even if I wish I had come up with a smarter solution before.

So, I have been using this cable…


… with Telegärtner RJ45 connectors. I made them myself. Until Sunday I had no reason to question them until I tried a mates AQ Vodka. I’m not even going to try and explain why, but the improvement was night and day. In the context of a Rossini, I think I’d be silly not to invest in something that has been designed and optimised specifically for audio benefits. Hence the reason to ask like minded souls here what they are using. I’m always learning!

Big thanks.


Have tested WireWorld Platinum Eclipse Ehternet , Supra Cat 8 , AQ Diamond Ethernet , and the Supra Cat8 is in line with the other two.

“Just face it many brands take rather ordinary cables, puts on a nice sleeve and makes the marketing department write some cool stuff about what they came up with.”

And the pricing can have no relationship at all to either the materials used, cost of construction and other “on” costs (wages, rent, tax, advertising etc.).

There is one very well known audiophile cable company who, like many such companies have several ranges of cable at various price points. However the price points are just that and often seem to have little to do with the cable itself but only with the range in which it finds itself. For example this company makes one cable in their lower price range that sells for 190 gbp. They do not offer a cable for a similar purpose until two further ranges up. There the cable of the same length and purpose sells for 710 gbp. The difference between the two? They are basically identical except for different coloured sheaths and the expensive one uses its single strand conductor of the same copper as the cheaper one but one AWG thicker ( for a 1m length probably costing, what?, a penny more at best). That is it. Same design, same construction, made in the same plant and probably by the same staff; different colour and one wire slightly thicker.

I am not decrying the fact that these cables may well offer good sound. It is just that the prices charged are often difficult to find any kind of justification for. One UK audio journalist refers to these companies as " cable bandits" . I’ll leave you to decide :slight_smile:

Well in context to a Rossini the cable is of low cost :slight_smile:

But I still would like to know how a cable can be optimised for audio proposes when it is transferring a packet based tcp/ip signal that gets buffered in the dac. If you search for Audioquest LAN cables you can find dismantled ones and they dont look much different from regular cat7.

I wonder what @Andrew thinks about this?

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Thanks everyone. I’ll pick up a cable very soon.

I did not mean to open up the “cables do / cables don’t” debate.

For now, over and out.

Thanks again.