Which Nordost power cable for the Rossini clock?


Thank you to all the contributors to the forum, it is always a pleasure to read you.

My question is for the Nordost users.

I use Nordost power cables to feed my system :
A Nordost power cable Valhalla 2 from the wall socket to the Qbase.
A Nordost power cable Tyr 2 from the Qbase to the dCS Bartok
A Nordost power cable Tyr 2 from the Qbase to the Air Tight atm1s amplifier.

According to you, which Nordost power cable should i use for the dCS Rossini clock ?
Is it necessary to feed it with the same cable that feed the dCS Bartok (in my case, a Tyr 2) ?
If the clock, because of its lower power consumption, doesn’t need a Tyr 2 power cable, which cable is more adapted in my case : a red Dawn or a Heimdall 2 or a Frey 2 ?

Then, which clock cables do you recommend to connect the clock to the Bartok ?

And which Nordost configuration do you use?

Thank you very much for your advices.

Tyler Durden

Hi Tyler, I am not going to answer your direct question as I am not a Nordost user and will leave that to others who are. However I would comment in general on your point:

dCS ( either James or Andrew) commented on the forum a year or so back that the component that theory suggests would benefit the most from a better power cable is the system clock due to its sensitivity to its electrical environment ( I am paraphrasing). I was sceptical about this ( and about aftermarket power cables in general) until I tried it. A big surprise and a conversion to my becoming a believer. So maybe the clock is where your best cable should be used.

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Hello Tyler,

same here, no Nordost, but a similar observation to what Pete @PAR says. My power chords are all the same - now ChordMusic soon Ansuz D2. But… The Ansuz power distributor has one socket, that is reserved for the most crucial piece of equipment. I prefer the power chord for the clock in that socket over the chord for any other component.

As for clock cables we previously had threads on the topic. Two of them are here:

Here is another experience stating the same:

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to use best power cable for clock is a great tip! thanks a lot!!!

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Thank you very much for your answers !
I am blown away by the result, in unison with this topic.
I didn’t expect that. Now I know what to do. Thank you very much for your collaboration.

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