VPP Network Board Version 511

Checking the Firmware on my VPP last night and it pulled a new version of the Network Board, 511 (previously 510), which surprised me given that it only left Swavesey a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t find any information about this on the support page where the latest release to receive any mention was 502. Is there a full changelog anywhere?

By the way, the link to the software history page in the FAQ is stale. Has since been migrated to Zendesk. @Phil @James

It is in the Mosaic 1.4.2 update:

Thanks Ermos. I was surprised as the unit only left Swavesey 2 weeks ago following a full factory service. I would have expected them to check the firmware, 511 was released in October! Maybe I distracted Phil with all my posts about VLANs! :wink:


511 is functionally identical to 510, 511 was simply a version number update to keep firmware numbering in line with each other over the October Lina 2.0 release and contained no new functionality for Bartok / Rossini / Vivaldi or Network Bridge.

We don’t publish a specific changelog however the release notes for each Mosaic update may be found at…


I hope that helps.


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Ah, that explains it. Thanks Phil!