dCS Mosaic 1.42 update

I have just updated my Rossini APEX DAC to the new Mosaic 1.42 version, using its web interface. All went well, using this procedure:

  1. Reboot Rossini from the rocker switch at its back: switch off - wait 2 minutes - switch on
  2. Update the Mosaic app on my iPad to the new 1.42 version
  3. Connect to Rossini using its web interface: check for new Internet Update - let it download, verify, update Rossini, waiting until it comes back on the network
  4. Reboot Rossini again, as in 1.
  5. Open Mosaic on iPad, check Support → Versions : no longer an update available, since this was done by web interface. Mosaic shows:
  • APP VERSION: 1.4.2 (150)
  • NETWORK BOARD VERSION: 1.4.2 (511)



Thanks for taking one for the team and highlighting again the proven sequence.


My rossini has been updated, mosaic for my samsung tablet also but for my ipad the update is not yet available

It is! We are in the same country, and my iPad is updated to dCS Mosaic Control 1.4.2. It is available for download since 13 hours ago.

It is the sane in the UK ( subject to @Ermos regarding the Netherlands). Android update is available but I can find nothing yet for Apple.

Sorry it is not

But it is!

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Will try again later today, only have the option open (not werk bij)

Maybe it got updated automatically already. Just Open to see.

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Hi Pete,

Can you do a search in the App Store for dCS Mosaic Control? This way I found it, not in the listed updates.

Since I posted the iOS update has become acailable in the UK App Store. Now saisfactorily installed.

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No I don’t use automatic updates, but now I have the comment “werk bij” in the app store so no worries. All devices updated.

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Question…any noticeable impact on sound heard so far?

Thank you, I follow your steps on my Bartok and with the App but I can see app version 1.4.2 (150). Front panel version 2.01 . Control Board version 2.01 and Network board version 1.4.2 (511)…(?) Not front and control board 2.10…something wrong …?

Guessing the Rossini is at a different FW than the Bartok. My Network Bridge is at 1.02

Lee, I wouldn’t anticipate any change of sound when Mosaic updates. It is a control app and does not affect sound. That would normally require a firmware update to the system. Further, updates that carry a numeric hpdate to only the third decimal position are only minimal changes ( so a major change affects position 1 etc.).

The dirmware is updated as well, so possibly a better sound ?

and @Lee

No new firmware for other platforms than Lina, just Network Board update, please see Release Notes:


Yes indeed, new firmware for the Vivaldi upsampler.

Which new firmware to the Vivaldi Upsampler did you get then?

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