Vivaldi Upsampler network upgrade for Mosaic 1.2 - long time

Is it normal for the network upgrade to take an hour? My Vivaldi Upsampler still says “Network Firmware Update - Please Wait” for an hour.

Hi Hal,

Where did you get to with this, did the unit update correctly?

You can check the software versions that the Upsampler is reporting to determine this, instructions can be found here.

Following up on James’ pointer, you should see 2.1 (control board) and 507 (network board), on the second page via hardware display) for the latest firmware update. At least that’s what my Upsampler tells me after I did the update via the web interface.

I just power cycled the unit and started again, then the upgrade worked after that. I wonder if playing music at the time was the culprit - during the upgrade, I thought I was listening to the transport going straight to the DAC, but was on the upsampler input instead.