USB not working properly after latest FW update?

I got a strange fault after the latest FW update that i can just play 1 track from my USB Flash drive, and then i have to make a power re-cycle of the Network Bridge.

Or if i try to play an .AIF it can work one time, then it will not play the next track.

If it will start playing, it takes about 10-15 seconds to start playing while from Streaming it works perfectly.

Maybe the Sandisk Ultra USB Flash is faulty, but it occurred after the latest FW update, and it indexing the USB tracks correctly.

Hi @Beolab , I think there could possibly be more than one issue at play here.
The problem with playback of multiple .AIF files from USB stick slipped past me during validation but I did ‘discover’ it myself last week and raised it as a bug on our system. As far as I can see, this is only an issue for .AIF files and only on USB sticks.

Other than that particular format though, I haven’t had any issues playing more than one track or had a 10-15 second delay, but I will go back and have another listen today.

Please could you reproduce the problem and then (before power cycling) download the system logs and send to [email protected], along with your unit serial number and a description of what you have done and the files you tried.


Hello John! I have sent you a logfile and serial nr and also tested another USB drive on my friends NWB today and it is the same fault. It will not play DSD , DSF or AIF , just MP3 files.

So it is a general problem that needs to be sorted and fixed so we can play music again👍

My friend got a first gen Apple IPad Air where the latest APP version of Mosaic just crashing on startup. This is another fault or bug that needs to be looked over also :+1:

Best Regards


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Also here, and reported @James @Phil but no solution ever since

ASAP since 9th May.

Thank you Fredrik, we have received your logfiles and are looking into them. You should hear back from one of our support team.

Hello @JohnW

Okey great!

It have to be a generic fault / bug because another friend with dCS NWB i contacted also got the same fault with no playback from USB AIF. , DXD PCM, DSF files.

Hope you can see what wrong in the logfile and correct it :+1:

Best Regards
Fredrik L