Upsampler stuck

Hello, I man using a Vivaldi upsampler and Dac, connected through AES1 and 2. The upsampler stays in DSDx2.

Sometimes, when the source sample rate changes (or the source format changes from DSD to PCM, or MQA to PCM), the upsampler seems to begin output through only one AES connection. The output gets weird or distorted.

Changing the upsampler to DXD seems to solve the problem, and all gets back to normal, even if I get back to DSDx2.

I wonder if this is known behavior, or if I am doing anything wrong.

Upsampler fed by Ethernet, using Roon.

The first thing that I would try is power cycling the upsampler ( i.e. switch off from the rear panel, wait a little then boot up). Does that clear the issue?

Thanks for the input. This system is in my cottage, so I power cycle it every week, when I leave to my main house. The issue repeats itself.

I know very little about Roon and how it interfaces with the upsampler. However I assume that you navigate your music by using the Roon app not dCS Mosaic controller and that you therefore select upsampling rates etc. via the front panel button? I may be wrong but as I said I don’t know much about Roon.

I think this may be one for the dCS guys when they come back on duty here. In the meantime I would check that you have all of the settings in the menu correctly set.For example in some circumstances only AES1 output may be in use and this is correct. See the user manual pages 37- 39.

Yes, navigating through Roon, and using Mosaic for the settings. I think I will factory reset the unit, and see what happens.

Thanks again, and stay safe.

First question: is your Upsampler AES 1+2 connected to the DAC 3+4 as recommended at p.18 of the Upsampler manual for network audio? Not sure it would matter for the problem you describe. Anyway, good luck with that. I had a very odd occurrence with my brand new Upsampler yesterday. After playing flawlessly for about 48 hours, I did some system simplification. I removed the BHK preamp after determining I preferred the SQ without the preamp (and the convenience). This meant turning everything off of course and removing power. When I fired everything back up, my Upsampler began losing its Network lock every 10-30 seconds. And of course the DAC would immediately show no input. No music could be played. The unit would briefly appear in the Roon Audio device fab, but then disappear. And the Upsampler did not appear at all in Mosaic. This was frustrating. I did more than one power recycle and did a Config reset to factory defaults. No change. I reset the streaming interface in the settings tab of the web server. Except for occasionally having to wait for the server page to load, or sometimes not being able to load it at all, the server page showed the correct info for the Upsampler (including its static IP of——but that should have been the clue to me, because I believe a reset to factory defaults restores the Upsampler’s DHCP-assigned addressing). In the Network Info screen on the Upsampler, it showed its IP address—whenever it would briefly lock on—as Again, this should have been my “aha!”. Finally, I checked the switch to which the Upsampler was connected. It showed a live connection, but I rebooted that. No change. I thought about swapping Ethernet cables. But first, I unplugged the Ethernet cable from the Upsampler, and then plugged it back in to make sure it was properly seated. And then boom, the Upsampler locked back on to Network but with an IP address of For some reason, it couldn’t let go of its past life as until physically removed from the network by unplugging cable. And she has been playing sweetly ever since.

BTW, in all this time since the Upsampler’s introduction, could dCS have perhaps installed an Ethernet port with LED indicators like every other device on the planet? Just sayin’.

Glad you got it figured. My rule of thumb is never use fix ip on these devices. They seem to,work a lot better with dhcp, specially for network discovery.

It has been the same with micro/ultra rendu and psaudio bridge.

I just reserve an ip for each device in my router.

Heh, elsewhere in the forums, it was recommended to use a fixed IP, but that’s not why I did it. My experience is exactly the opposite of yours, including with DirectStream/Bridge, Memory Player, microRendu, MSB DAC and transport, Oppo players, etc. I always use a fixed IP for my audio and video devices, and I reserve the addresses in my router’s table, so that if a device is powered off when a new device is added to the network, its address cannot be used.

Hi Jose,

I’ve dropped you a private message to discuss this. :slightly_smiling_face: