Distortion after sample rate change

I’m using Roon by Ethernet, Upsampler AES 1+2 → DAC 3+4, DSDx2, with Vivaldi Clock.

I usually playing shuffle in Roon. When the sample rate of next song is different from current, sometime the next song sounds distorted.
Roon also has a chance stuck in the end of the current song (I have to click ‘Next Song’ manually to keep playing).

When the distortion happens, I check the clock source of Upsampler and DAC all shows right.

I can fix the distortion by change the OUTPUT RATE or FILTER of Upsampler, or play a song of diffenent sample rate. The distortion remains if I continue play another song with same sample rate.

The distortion happens around every 2 hours if I play shuffle in Roon. It never happens with TOSLink and USB, which has no sample rate change.

I’m not sure but increase the Vivaldi Clock output to 176.4/192Khz seems significantly reduce the chance of distortion. Although 44.1/48Khz songs better.

I found some thread with same problem here:

but seems no solution right now?

Have you tried this setting in Roon?

Yes, I tried this setting up to 5000ms (now stay at 1500ms), but the problem stay the same.