Updating a vivaldi upsampler

I am about to receive a version 2.0 Vivaldi Upsampler. What is the best way to update the Upsampler to the current version. My Vivaldi DAC is the latest non APEX version (2.11).

All current dCS products update via Mosaic. Have you this installed on a device and have you ( or will you have) the RS232 cable connected?

You simply open the system control options in Mosaic, open “Support” then “Versions” and you will see a blue box “Check for Updates”. Select this and follow the instructions. It is pretty automatic.If Mosaic too needs updating remember that this is a two part operation, the dCS hardware and a download from App or Play store to your device.

NB: switch off the component(s) being updated from the rear panel and wait a couple of minutes before switching back on before attempting the update.

Mosaic is now v.1.3 and the Upsampler v.2.10.

Hi Pete,
Thanks for the prompt response. Why do I need to connect a RS232 cable to the unit? I was planning to connect an ethernet cable to the unit.



Ben, I hope that you don’t mind me mentioning this but you do not seem to be very familiar with the units and how they work together. I am assuming that you have not obtained these from an authorised dealer who should have explained all of this to you. Which leads me to wonder if you have the user manuals? If not let me know and I will send you links to them.

The RS232 cable does not carry any music information. It is concerned only with control data i.e. how the boxes in a dCS system talk to each other and Mosaic. On the other hand the ethernet cable connections carry the music data itself and its related information.

So a Vivaldi system has both ethernet ( or S/Pdif or USB ) connections and RS232.

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Hi Pete,
I purchased a DCS Vivaldi DAC and clock second hand and a Bridge new. I had to pay a substantial price to get the DAC updated. I’ve just purchased a second hand Vivaldi Upsampler which I have not received yet. My current system does not use the RS232 ports. Looking at the manual, I see the need for the RS232 cables for the Upsampler to work properly.


I must first point out that all current dCS firmware upgrades are provided free to the component owner via Mosaic. This has always been the case in respect of current items ( CD ROM with dCS transport before 2017) and your Network Bridge would have allowed the Mosaic download.

With the Vivaldi Upsampler the Network Bridge becomes redundant of course as you will have (slightly better) streaming facilities and there is no need to downsample with Vivaldi DAC.

Please use the RS232 cable provided by dCS as the connections are specified ( labelled) for which of the components’ ports apply. Incidentally you will find that the RS232 cable provides four connectors as it anticipates that there will be a Vivaldi CD/SACD transport. Don’t worry, you just ignore the connector labelled for the transport.

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Thanks again. My DAC was upgraded using a CD by my local DCS dealer at a nontrivial cost. I’ve updated the DCS Bridge using the Mosaic application. I’m looking forward to the improvement the Upsampler will bring. I’m strongly considering getting my DAC upgraded to the APEX level. The sound quality of my current system is superb. The DCS front end is excellent.

This kind of sucks. I tried to update the upsampler from the IP address. It was loading the front display software when it shut down and will not come up again. Do you have any advice. I’ve tried to power cycle the unit a few time but it appears to be dead.

That sounds bad. If it appears to be dead then perhaps it is and you need a service engineer. Updating causes the front panel display to remain on throughout the process as it displays the stage it has reached. Further if an update fails the dCS component will have retained the original firmware so it should restart from a power cycle.

I am , however, unsure what updating

means as updating normally takes place , as I said, from the option provided in Mosaic. Perhaps someone here will have other knowledge and can be more positive.

Hi Pete,

Updating a dCS product from its IP address means: connecting to the unit by using its IP address,

like: http://192.168.178.xxx/index.fcgi

and then, selecting Device Settings, you get to:

Where you can select Internet Update


That’s exactly what I did but the Upsampler failed during the software installation phase. I was watching the display and it was installing the display update when it failed. I’ve power cycled the unit a number of times. I’ve also tried to get back into through the IP address but the page cannot be opened. I’m not sure what else I can do.

This probably means the IP address of your unit changed, for some reason.

Are you able to find its current IP address?

Here is how to find it:

If you got it:

  1. First power cycle your unit from the power switch at the back of the unit
  2. Connect from your browser to its current IP address
  3. Try to Update
  4. Give the update time

After a successful update, the unit will restart. If not, power cycle from the back. But again, give it the time it needs.

I hope this helps.

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Unfortunately, the display is dead.

Try using an app like Fing on your phone to identify all devices on your network. Some of them may show up as being generic. Type in all the IP addresses into a browser, one by one, and see whether a page appears for your Upsampler. I suspect it won’t, as it sounds as though the unit may be bricked and may need its boot code flashed, which only dCS or a dealer can do, but it’s worth a try.

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Hi Ben,

I’m afraid that you’re going to have to get the unit back the dCS USA service centre and they can either reflash the firmware into the display board directly or - if the display board itself is damaged - they can replace the display board.

I’ll send you their contact details directly from the ticket that you lodged with us.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

Hi Phil,
Thanks for the support. It was a difficult repair and I very much appreciate the effort from DCS America, DCS UK, and the support of my dealer Hanson Audio . The Upsampler is now in my system and working properly.