Unstable Volume

This afternoon the Bartok turned itself to max as I was changing the volume via Harmony remote.
I turned it down, it initially decreased and then shot up again.
I tried this several times and eventually mosaic dropped out on my phone and I resorted to switching off on the unit.
Restarted and currently behaving itself.

Sounds very similar to this thread

Disconcerting on a new item.

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Wow… I forgot how angry I was after that. Went from audio bliss to completely unhinged in a few seconds. With the speakers it’s always set to at max. Through headphones max is way too loud. My ears hurt for quite a long time as a result.

In my case the volume indicated -80db but was certainly at 0.

It only ever happened once if that helps. Other than that I had zero problems with the Bartok.

I’ve seen 100% volume from time to time: I think it always had to do with whatever was sending sound to the dCS component; I think I once observed with Roon when I changed something (I was afraid I might have damaged my speakers). (I’ve also seen this high-volume behavior on my Smart TV.) I suggest you ensure that your Harmony remote isn’t contributing to the problem.

It had occurred to me that the harmony had played a part but I just don’t know.
Hopefully it won’t happen again.

It is possible that Roon shares the responsibility in such a case…I had the same horrible incident when using a IfI Go Blu and In ear monitors. I switched from Qobuz to Roon and suddenly the sound was to the max in my ears. Horrible, I will never try using Roon with IfI Go Blu…

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