Tidal playback problem

Since last week my Tidal playback with Rossini keeps stopping a few second each time. I tried with Spotify and is working fine. I tried downloading the app again but doesn’t solve the problem too. Any ideas or anyone experiencing the same problem?

There was a similar question a few days ago. I responded and suggested reinstalling the app. Nothing heard further from the OP so I guess that it worked for him.

You say that you have tried a reinstall without a positive outcome.

It may help responses if you kindly advised us which version of the app you use, Android or IoS and the version of the OS you have installed.

I am using iPhone and iPad mosaic version is 1.1.0(84). I just updated the Rossini to 2.01 and deleted and reinstalled the app in both iPhone and iPad and still doesn’t work for Tidal.

Thanks. That is useful information although the version of the OS on your i-device is also important ( e.g. my i-pad is 13.3.1). Some problems can be due to changes in the OS which Apple tend to introduce unilaterally.

I can’t think of too much more at the moment so I would suggest that you check in here from time to time over the next few days to see if Andrew or James from dCS pick up on your problem.

Thinking laterally, if the problem with Tidal is making it not too good an experience for you until it is fixed you could sign up with Qobuz for the free trial period meanwhile ( if you are in a country served by them).

I tried this morning again and the streaming is fine. So I guess it’s the problem with the service. I will inform again if problem comes up again. By the way we don’t have quboz in Hong Kong yet.

Hi Pete,

I think I have found the issue to the problem, and I believe it is to do with the modem (not router) that is the cause. Despite Tidal working flawlessly for a year, it seems that for whatever reason, the modem is causing the dropouts. I swapped out the wifi router and I was still having issues, but I then streamed the signal using my mobile network (via 4g SIM card plugged into the router) and all was suddenly fine again?!

I have also decided to change my ISP here in Singapore anyway, and hence I will get a new modem, router, and hopefully greater download speeds to boot!

I have no idea why - after a year - that Tidal and my modem are having such issues, but this suddenly sprung up?!

Wondering if an older router could be the cause for others???


And in the afternoon, Tidal stalling against. Guess it’s the service provider. Hope it’s just high traffic will get better eventually.

I do have problems with my router but dissimilar to your experience. I find that my Vivaldi upsampler and my Melco NAS lose contact with the network as does my computer from time to time via wifi. Given that the problem occurs with three devices the finger points at the router losing contact with them rather than vice versa and you have prompted me into getting a replacement.

I used the same router and no problem with Netflix and Spotify

Unfortunately it isn’t possible to directly compare them and assume that if two work and not the other one the problem lies with that one at their end. They all use different transmission protocols. So it may be the service but it could equally still be due to problems at your end.

Oh, something just came back to me. I had a lot of problems at one point with Qobuz dropping out, buffering or just hanging. For some reason I reconnected the ethernet cable feeding the (then) PC with the Qobuz app to another port on the router. I suffered no further problems. It’s a simple and free thing to do so maybe at least worth a try. Perhaps it was faulty port or just dirt on the contacts wiped by reinsertion.

I’ve seen a few reports of similar things coming through over the past few weeks.

With the current global situation, a lot more people are now at home and as such using their broadband connection instead of mobile networks for connections. This will be putting strain on a lot of services as a whole, as a lot more traffic is now having to go through the same ‘pipe’.

This ties in with the observation of the issue being time-of-day dependant, as demand will naturally spike as people finish work and put on their music / begin streaming TV, be less in the mornings as people aren’t generally streaming as much content etc.

Doesn’t sound like anything foul at play, just overworked ISPs and services! I would wager this will clear up as and when the global situation returns to normal.

I’m from singapore too and faced the same issues, Tidal just pause intermittently, my music server was fine, I guess its not network issue.