Dropouts using Tidal via Mossaic

Hi Team,

I am currently experiencing dropouts every 3-5 seconds whilst streaming Tidal on the Network Bridge.The dropouts usually last for 4-5 seconds each.

I have tested other streaming sources such as the Internet Radio and my QNAP NAS as they seem to stream perfectly. This would suggest it is an issue with Tidal specifically.

It is a strange as Tidal had been working smoothly for the last year or so, and has only started doing this in the last couple of weeks. I may point out that I have not made any additional changes to the network and/or system, hence why I am so intrigued as to what the issue may be?!

Has there been any reported issued with streaming of Tidal (from the Network Bridge)?

Cheers, Tony

To add to the aboveā€¦

I just tried to stream Tidal using the Network Bridge app (and not Mossaic) and it works perfectly on both MQA and normal resolution?!

Seems like there must be an integration issue specifically to do with Tidal and Mossaic.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me as Mossaic has a much better GUI and experience overall!

Thx, Tony

From what you say I would guess that the copy of Mosaic that you are using may have become corrupted. Try uninstalling it then reinstalling a fresh copy from Google Playstore or Apple Store.