Tidal MAX HiRes FLAC

Correct, but as long as MQA is there, you will have people complaining they are not getting the MQA version. No change is easier than change and having people complain about that.

Hi Miguel,

Using Roon you have the ability to set your MQA preferences: Settings > General : towards the bottom of screen:


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Thx @Ermos. Understood.

The point here was about Mosaic though, not Roon.

I have been a Roon lifetime subscriber since the early days - July 2015 to be precise. But given the sale to Harman, I am exploring other options in case it goes under.

Currently my fallback would be Mosaic with local files served via Minimserver. This works pretty well.

I would like dCS to make sure TIDAL works properly with hi-res FLAC files.

Jplay is nice too…It is a kind of a Roon junior, not
bad actually…

Really like Audirvaña, that would be my backup if Roon evaporated. Love the UI.

Yes, Audirvana is another option. I stayed on v3.5 mainly because I don’t really use it.

Now, how well does Audirvana work when playing over UPnP to a dCS product? And is it gapless?


Never tried it with the bigrig to be honest, I use it on a desktop Mac in my home office feeding my desk system. But I can try it for you. Stay tuned!

JPLAY seems interesting (just reading about it now).

However, as far as I can tell it needs to run on Windows and play over USB? Is this the only method?

I like the setup where my Roon core is on a NUC in my office.

I use Jplay on my Ipad and Iphone. It connects to Qobuz,Tidal and Minimserver on my NAS.

Any updates here @James ?

Roon’s almost there with Tidal Max FLAC support, just introduced into the early access release;

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Thanks Anup, just got the early access update. Curiously waiting for this:

Note that some format and version information may be temporarily unavailable or incorrect as updated format information is populated into your library from Roon’s services. Please be patient as we migrate to TIDAL Max, and know that you can always check Signal Path for accurate information about the music you’re playing.

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Roon’s latest release (build 1365) incorporates TIDAL MAX. It also removed the internet connection requirement.

@James : What is the timeline for dCS Mosaic to do TIDAL MAX?

@Chocky and @miguelito , it is dCS policy not to provide details of forthcoming upgrades until they are ready for customer access. Experience has proved that otherwise disappointment may result when unexpected delays are met with.

This particular Roon aspect seems like it will result in a new version of Mosaic. However Mosaic revisions usually involve more than a single improvement. So timing comparisons with other manufacturers may mislead as the actual release of a given aspect may depend upon other revisions.

So I am afraid you may need a little more patience.

Hi all,

Apologies for the lack of reply on my part. We are well aware that TIDAL users are keen to get Max functionality on their dCS units – the lack of reply here definitely isn’t indicative of a lack of work on the back end. TIDAL Max will be rolled into the next Mosaic update, which includes a number of fixes, not just this one, so is part of a wider development effort.

Giving firm timelines on software updates is next to impossible, as @PAR points out. The time to develop is one thing, but then testing the software to ensure it is stable and has no regressions or issues, and to then have the software verified by all the necessary parties (Apple, Google) takes time on top. If any delays are added at any of these stages, it can set the timeline for releasing a piece of software back by weeks or even months in some cases.

As a loose estimate, we are looking at getting Mosaic 1.43 released some time in April, but this is of course contingent on testing and verification not throwing up any delays.


Thank you @James, that’s useful to know.

Hi all,
Does anyone is using JPLAY with Vivaldi Upsampler? I been using it for three weeks now and I can’t believe how good the Upsampler sound using JPlay, much better than Mosaic. Same hardware, different UPnP control point, After I received the Antipodes K22 and K41, the upsampler took a break and remained turned off. The Antipodes combo sound more emotional and involving, to me, when connected directly to the Vivaldi Apex usb input using an Shunyata Omega cable. Now is the other way around. I believe dcs have a diamond in a rock with the upsampler. I hope dcs can offer an updated version of Mosaic that possibly sound better still than JPLAY and I also hope that they can offer a hardware upgrade as well. I thing that dcs has the knowledge and technology to offer the best music server / streamer for dcs user (especially Vivaldi user) an also offer something more universal so people with others dac brands can use. Just my humble opinion. By the way, I love my Vivaldi Apex / Vivaldi Master Clock / Mutec Ref10SE.

I have been randomly using JPLAY over the course of the last several months as an alternative to Roon. If you are strictly using the JPLAY iOS program, and not their accompanying FEMTO server (I will not comment on the signal quality claims made about their server), it cannot influence the sound. It is strictly a control point app which resides exclusively on your iOS device. It’s function is simply to send commands to your UPnP server or any of the various streaming services such as Tidal or Qobuz.

This is quite different from something like Roon and the RAAT protocol and one of the reasons my interest was piqued into trying JPLAY

Thanks for your reply and comments.
That is exactly what I thought but not what I heard. After my finding I started to read about this topic trying to understand. You are correct, Mosaic and JPLAY only command the streamer what to do and I believe that is the point. The network traffic depends on how Mosaic or JPLAY command the upsampler. Network traffic and resources used by the upsampler impact the sound quality, at least, that is what some streamers / servers (for music reproduction) designers say.
Maybe someone from dcs can comment on this topic.

With all respect, the TOPIC here is Tidal MAX HiRes FLAC.

If you like to discuss JPLAY, please start a separate topic.

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