Tidal MAX HiRes FLAC

Any idea when we will be able to stream HiRes FLAC from Tidal via Mosaic or Tidal Connect? I am still only getting MQA streams not FLAC.

EDIT: Companies like Lumin are rolling it out to their users.

You can stream Tidal “Max FLAC” tracks to dCS via Tidal Connect right now without any issue. What problem did you encounter?

Via Mosaic on the other hands, Tidal track listings shown are retrieved via airable, and does appear that airable isn’t quite up to date in listing Tidal MAX FLAC versions of albums, so one only sees MQA versions.

Using the latest Tidal on my PC (Win 11) when I select my DAC and stream it just shows MAX ie MQA and the DAC displays the usual M1 MQA decoding.

I can play HiRes FLAC to my PC speakers, but as soon as I select my DAC it drops to MAX (MQA).

EDIT: I have tried my MacBook Pro and get the same behavior.

Oh you’re right! :smile: I didn’t look at my front-panel this morning and assumed the Tidal Max|FLAC track was playing fine when in fact it switches to the MQA versions when diverted to my dCS stack via Tidal Connect.

This whole Tidal MQA to FLAC migration is definitely a dog’s breakfast. So, glad generally only use Qobuz.

Hi Chocky,

Can I ask whether when you are selecting your dCS DAC in the TIDAL app on your PC are you doing that by TIDAL Connect or by a USB connection?



Hi Phil,

Via Tidal Connect in the PC app.


Phil, in pictures;

Tidal App playing natively on my Mac; Sonny Rollins in FLAC 24/96.

Exact same album, this time Tidal Connect to my Vivaldi; Notice it switches to the MQA version, but 24/192 fully rendered.

I wonder if Tidal is trying to be smart and giving users what they believe is the “max” best quality version. :thinking:

It seems that if the file has it’s MQA counterpart, Tidal connect goes MQA HiRes, but if it is a new disc that has HiRes flac, but not MQA, dCS (Vivaldi One in my case) goes CD Quality.
We lost Hi Res Capability on these new discs HiRes flac but not MQA.
Kirsten Edkins Shades and Sound, from Cohearent Studios (Kevin Grey).

Just a quick note to say that we are currently investigating getting this working. It is likely the case we will need to push an update for this to work. Given that we support TIDAL through both Mosaic and TIDAL Connect, these may well need separate work on the back end. Work is underway on both, and I’ll keep you updated.


Any update James?