Tidal Connect will not play on Network Bridge

Hello again, having finally got my device visible on the network again, I am unable to use Tidal connect. The icon displays in the Tidal App and Tidal Desktop App and will connect, but will not play tracks. It just hangs. Any help appreciated.

Hi Jez,

Does TIDAL playback from within Mosaic still function correctly? Is it just TIDAL Connect that will not function properly?

Thanks. The Mosiac app works fine James. Tidal Connect shows as connected on the Tidal Apps (desktop and mobile) but hangs when you press play.

Here Tidal connect works great with my Bridge! (computer/Ipad/Mobile) I’m happy and thank DCS for this upgrade!

I did a power cycle after the update and then Tidal Connect was fine.

Jez, it would be worth trying to power cycle your Network Bridge first to see if that clears the issue.

If that does not work, could I ask you to try playing something via TIDAL Connect, then download the log files from your Network Bridge?

You can see details on how to download the log files here, and if you could kindly send them to me via a private message on the forum that would be great.

Thanks again, will do this when I’m home . Appreciate your help.

Hi James, the reboot has fixed the problem and it’s playing perfectly. I’m really grateful for your help and prompt responses.