Setting up Rossini clock w/Bartók DAC

Kind of puzzled by the setup instructions accompanying the Rossini clock. Are the following instructions to be executed only from the DAC’s internal menu, or the phone app?

If they can only be followed on the DAC’s menu, I can’t follow the sequence listed, as I don’t see an icon “Word Clock 1-2 Auto” button. From the phone app’s DEVICE/SYNC MODE menu I can select AUTOWORDCLOCK. Does this get me to the same place?

Any suggestions/help/guidance would be appreciated.

Hi John,

Yes, from the app select Device/ Sync Mode/ AutoWordClock, and you are good to go.

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Thank you!

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Maybe you already did, but you can connect your Bartók and Rossini clock with a serial cable, so they switch on and off together. Recommended!

Thanks. I’ll drop by an antique shop to see if I can find one. :grinning:

But seriously: is it male-to-male, male-to-female, or some other combination?


A screened cable fitted with two 9-way female D-type connectors wired pin-to-pin:

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Mine switch on and off together without the antique cable, but I’ve just realized why: the remote control does ‘em both at once :slight_smile:

That is strange, because the Rossini clock does not have a IR sensor. Ah wait, you have the Vivaldi clock, so this might have one, right?

Ben, sorry to jump into the thread so I hope you will forgive me.

Erno, yes Vivaldi clock ( as all of the Vivaldi component) does have an IR receiver . However using the IR remote cannot switch the components back on from “Off”. You have to use the front panel power button. The IR commands switch from “Sleep” to “On” or from “On” to “Sleep” to “Off” ( depending on how long the command button is pressed). NB: Rossini Transport will also respond similarly as no doubt does Rossini DAC.

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Thanks Pete, and I can confirm the IR procedure for the Rossini DAC. It reminds me of something I cannot explain. My dCS remote did switch my previous Bartók from “On” to “Sleep” to “Off”, but NOT from “Sleep” to “On”. Just when I got my Rossini I realised it is now working both ways.

I wonder if it was a bug in my Bartók, or if this is normal for Bartók. We are going off topic…

Got the cable, hooked it up, works perfectly. Thanks.

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