Rossini Transport - spinning sound while playing SACDs

Hi All,

Of late, I am hearing some noticeable (even from 3-4 ft apart from the transport) sound of disk spinning from Rossini Transport while playing SACDs.

I bought this unit around 8 months back. I never heard the spinning sound to this level so far which cannot be ignored.

Wondering if other Rossini Transport owners are also facing similar issue.


This was always an issue on my beloved Puccini. Especially at low volumes, one could hear the hum of the transport in the ethereal passages of classical music : (

This was one of the (many) reasons why I digitized everything. I now have everything on a fanless Room Nucleus server.

From a cost perspective, one can pay for digitizing all music and a music server with the cost savings between the Rossini player and the Rossini DAC (and a lot more by avoiding the Rossini transport altogether).

From an engineering perspective, dynamic parts fail much more frequently than static parts, and the transport mechanism will always be a weak link.

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Also, apologies for not expressing my empathy. I know how annoying this can be and I’m sorry you are having this problem @sourav.

could be a bad disk.

Thanks but this is thread is a double posting and is confusing to follow. Can someone at dCS in the role of webmaster combine the two? See also:

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Hi Sourav,

I have been in contact with your dealer regarding your Rossini Transport yesterday and we also had contact with them last month regarding this too … we’ve had your audio recordings through of your Rossini playing discs and the service team didn’t feel that they were of specific concern in themselves.

We have asked whether the playback sound is consistent or whether it varies between different discs (but I haven’t seen any replies on that from either last months contact or yesterdays) and have also reminded your dealer that we can take a look at your transport if you are concerned.



Hi Pete,

Would love to but unfortunately I don’t have a mechanism to be able to merge threads - at least from my level of access - I don’t know whether God-level admin can.