Rossini Player updated but no sound only when playing DSD64 from UPnP and Roon

I have just updated my Rossini Player to the latest versions, which went smoothly. I did this on my Windows computer by entering the device web page, going to “Device Settings” and clicking on “Internet Update.” After the update, when I click on the “Check for Update” button, “No update available” appears above it. Yes, I power-cycled my Rossini Player before the update and after it finished successfully.

I’ve also updated Mosaic on my iPad and am running the latest version of Roon.

My lossless CD rips, high-res PCM album purchases, SACD rips (in DSD64) and DSD128 and 256 album purchases are on a NAS connected to my network. Prior to today’s firmware update, both Mosaic (through Minimserver on the NAS) and Roon played everything nicely.

However, after the firmware update, I don’t hear anything when playing any of my DSD64 files using either Mosaic or Roon. DSD128 and 256 will play, as well as all my PCM files, but when my Rossini Player plays DSD64, silence is all I hear even as its display shows the time of the song moving along.

Since I cannot simply stop listening to my DSD64 files, how do I fix this?

And is there a way to go back to the previous firmware version?

I have just checked, and my DSD 64 files play fine with Mosaic 1.2.1 (130) from NAS (QNAP) + minimserver

That’s good to know. I wonder why my Rossini Player is silent on DSD64 but not everything else?

I have the same experience on DSD64 and the latest update. I had no problems before the update. Can anyone help.
I hear only a tick in my Rossini DAC , but no sound whatsoever. DSD128 is running ok.
Latest Roon update is done and no further Rossini updates available.

I also hear a faint “tick” from inside my Rossini Player when it switches from PCM to DSD that I did not previously notice. Perhaps it was there all along but was drowned out by the music. Not on the latest firmware, since in our cases, there is no sound when playing DSD64.

Hi folks,

Thanks for reporting this. We are currently investigating the issue - I will let you know here as soon as we have any updates.

Thanks for your reply, James. In the meantime, is there a way to go back to the previous firmware version?

I’m afraid not - it will be early next week that we can start working on resolutions for this. Until then, I can only apologise for the inconvenience this causes.

Ooooops! sorry, mine is a Vivaldi One.
Maybe the problem ocurs only in Rossini Player.
I wrote too fast, my fault.

Thank you, James. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to your team’s speedy resolution of this DSD64 silence issue.

this my issue as well almost word for word. need help sound on all DSD 64 files

No problems here in my Rossini DAC. Playing DSF DSD64 files just fine through Roon. (Haven’t tried Mosaic but I see no reason to suspect it would be any different.)

So it’s not a systemic issue.

for me – iwas playing the album :hotel california that I had downloaded. I broke for lunch. Up graded the mosaic control app, and then it refused to play the DSD64 files. I tried others both thru the app and ROON, none would pay. the other hirez rates and all the redbook files played fine


I have the same experience on DSD64 after the firmware update.
DSD128 is running normal,
And the DSD256 can run,but with the rate 384k and the music is heard not in harmony. I think DSD rate should be n×176.4k.

DSD 64 via Roon plays via Vivaldi with no issue.

Here is the version of my Rossini Player where DSD64 plays silently while all other formats have sound.

Hi guys. Is there any chance to solve this problem in this week?

Hopefully @James can make this happen. :slight_smile:

Just to ensure that you are aware of where we are with this specific issue.

This is not an issue that occurs with all Rossini, instead it is affecting a very small number of users globally, however we are very aware that to those users experiencing the issue it is a major inconvenience

We were able to recreate the issue on one (1) Rossini here out of about a dozen different units that we have here for demo / testing purposes and that is providing us useful data to work with to try to identify a solution.

The software team are working on this at the moment as a priority but we do not currently have an “expected fix” date for this specific issue … we will make sure that as soon as we have anything firm to announce we keep the forum thread updated.

Best Regards


Please remember that James and I are simply two people within a team that I am extremely proud to be a part of …

James and I are (of course) doing everything that we can to ensure that this and the other reported issues are handled and fixed as quickly and efficiently as we can but that would not be possible without everyone else on the team.

Everyone in the team from David (“the big boss”) downwards is aware of these issues and have fully bought into finding a resolution to these issues as top priority so I assure you that we will make it happen…

Best Regards


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