Rossini Player Qobuz Imported Tracks and Mosaic Control

Hello, I am a new owner of a Rossini player. I have also recently switched from Tidal to Qobuz. I made the switch because of the imported tracks feature.

I have poor Internet quality even with a connected 5 cat Lan line. We pay for 25mbps but it is often throttled to 1.5.

The Qobuz App has an imported tracks feature to download songs to avoid streaming. However, when I go to Qobuz In the Mosaic app, imported tracks are not there. Imported tracks only show up in the the Qobuz App. But, the Qobuz app does not have a way to connect to the Rossini Player to play the imported tracks downloaded to the iPad. In other words, the imported tracks will only play from the iPad.

When I stream music using the Mosaic Control app linked to Qobuz, the music skips. I want to Minimize streaming, and use the imported tracks feature in the Qobuz subscription with the Mosaic control app on the Rossini player to keep music from skipping. How do I do this?

Hi Lance and welcome to the community.

The music import feature is only available with Qobuz’ own players. It is really meant for portable use when no wifi or unmetered connection is available. Hence it is not included in the Qobuz APi ( the Qobuz software in Mosaic). Unfortunately dCS equipment is not exactly suitable for portable use :wink:.

I am sorry to hear of your internet problems which won’t relate to your Cat5 LAN installation but to your ISP. Have you no alternative supplier that you can switch to? Incidentally I have successfully used Qobuz for hi-res files with only a 7Mbs connection but even I think that 1.5Mbs is stretching things too far.

So, yes, you could load the Qobuz iOS player to an iPad, import tracks and play them via Rossini using airplay. However I believe from the Apple users group that although lossless it is restricted to redbook standard.

My advice therefore is that in order to use streaming from Qobuz effectively you need to feed it with a suitable connection which your supplier is not providing.

Thank you. Does the DCS have any memory to store a playlist? I previously had an Aurender A10 with 4tb of storage.

WRT internet, we have been trying to get Mediacom for two years. Starling is also a new option that may becoming available soon.

Yes, you can store playlists from your local files in Mosaic. I do not know what the data capacity is. Qobuz playlists can be accessed from Mosaic but they will play from the Qobuz server so that won’t solve your issue.

So how do you do this? There is a queue but they still stream from the queue.

Both unfamiliar to me as I am in the UK. From other posts and other forums and from chatting with friends in the USA I am amazed at some of the stories that I hear of the questionable internet services often provided. Giving you a 1.5Mbs feed and charging you for a 25Mbs one would basically be illegal here unless it was a rare occurrence caused by unavoidable technical issues.

I agree. And we pay $110.00/ month for that bs. We previously paid $58 for 100mbps at our other home.

I am not certain but I believe that a Qobuz playlist on Mosaic is really like a set of links ( like URLs) to items on the server. The music data itself ( in my case having a UK subscription) is held in Paris not in the player. So it works almost as if you were manually selecting them but the selection has already been made by yourself or another person at some other time and the links saved. That selection is held on the Qobuz server so that it appears in any Qobuz app that you may open with your account but it is actioned/controlled from Mosaic or from a Qobuz player. I hope this makes sense.

By comparison I pay the equivalent of $68 a month for a guaranteed 70Mbs genuine no limit connection including phone line plus most local ( i.e. UK) phone calls and 5 hours per month international calls. I certainly do not pay the lowest price available here as the ISP company I use is often voted best and has excellent customer service so I think worth the extra.

It’s incredibly frustrating. I own an iPhone that downloads music and plays it via Bluetooth on a Bose speaker without skipping. No WiFi needed. My $150,000 hi fi system with a $29,000 Rossini player skips qobuz and tidal. There has to be away around bad internet.

I can understand it skipping on the first time play, but why won’t it preload the song like my iPhone, iPad or computer to keep it from streaming and skipping the next time the song plays?

Can you not get any support from your dealer, to solve this issue?

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Although I never use Mosaic for music playing, and seldomly Qobuz, I did do a search in the Qobuz help files, and might have found a solution.

  1. Get a desktop app of Qobuz, on PC or Mac
  2. Your PC or Mac should be hardwired by ethernet connection (switch) to the same network as your Rossini
  3. In the Qobuz app, connect to your Rossini for playback
  4. In the Qobuz app, select playing from Offline Library, to play your imported tracks

This is not an advice, just checking with Qobuz users if this might be the way to go.

[edit: corrected Local Files for Offline Library, as per PAR]

There is a big difference between streaming and downloading. Even if you have a really bad connection where it takes 20 minutes to download a 3 minute long track, once it has been correctly downloaded it will play faultlessly.

When you stream there is no file downloaded. A stream of data is sent which is processed in near real time. The entire file for the track never reaches your device as an intact entity.

Yes Erno, one can do this. This is how I did it for years ( except you select “Offline Library” not " Local Files", the latter not being an option). However the resulting sound quality in retrospect was arguable in comparison to Mosaic. I can easily recall the moment when I switched from this method to playing Qobuz via Mosaic. Another and far better world. However it is definitely worth the OP giving it a try.

So it will work but IMO may not fully exploit the quality available from Rossini ( NB. I was using Vivaldi when I did this ).

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Thanks Pete, good to know it works. And I understand it is not the preferable way, but given the OPs poor internet connection, it might be his best way?


The only way for Lance to “connect” the Qobuz App to his Rossini over his local LAN is via Airplay (as suggested by Pete). It should be very reliable and sound better than Bluetooth any day, but is limited to Redbook (but Bluetooth is even more limited in it’s bit rates anyway).

The Qobuz App, had for a limited time, UPnP capability (was always in beta), but not anymore since they launched “Qobuz Connect” (which is yet to be implemented on dCS Mosaic).

The other alternative is of course via a USB connection from his PC/Mac/Qobuz App to the Rossini, which I assume is not preferable.

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Given the Lance’s particular issue it may be that the USB connection may be the best compromise as suggested by Erno. Although USB (with Rossini set to USB Class 2) is not the best sounding connection with ethernet preferable it is still more than acceptable and would at least give him access to hi-res tracks imported from Qobuz which would not be available using airplay.

Of course the full solution is to improve his internet connection so let’s hope that one of those alternative ISPs becomes available to him soon.

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The LAN line is connected to the Rossini. I would need to disconnect the Rossini Cat 5 cable and in addituion, my MacBook Pro does not have a Cat 5 LAN connection.