Rossini Player Qobuz Imported Tracks and Mosaic Control

Yes. That is why I want to download the playlist to either the iPad or Rossini player to be able to play from a source that avoids streaming. That is why I switched from Tidal to use the imported tracks feature in Qobuz. The imported tracks download, but only to the Qobuz app. They are not imported to Mosaic or any storage file on the Rossini. In other words , the imported tracks just download to my iPad via the Qobuz app and only play from my iPad.

The offline library feature is not available in the Mosaic app. It only shows up in the Qobuz app and will only play on the iPad.

It doesn’t work. I cannot play the offline tracks from Mosaic. They only play on the Qobuz app that will only play on the iPad.

I will try the USB connection from the iPad.

That is correct and is what we all have been saying. You therefore need to download the Qobuz iOS app to iPad and connect it to the Rossini for the music data. Mosaic will not provide a solution for your issue as it only streams, not stores, from Qobuz . The way to connect iPad to transport the music data from the imported tracks stored in the Qobuz iOS app is by Apple airplay. However you will then be limited to 16/44.1 resolution.

I am unsure about using the USB out from the iPad. Connecting to provide music output from this port normally requires use of the Apple camera adaptor as a USB OTG connection is required. However these adaptors will not provide the required USB “B” connector for Rossini but a female USB “A” .

The best idea is to use a computer with Qobuz desktop installed, download the tracks to that and connect the computer to Rossini using USB. I just checked that the importation works. You will no longer be tied to 16/44.1. but will be able to play <24/192 provided that Rossini is set to USB Class 2.

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You have to forget about using Mosaic together with Qobuz Offline Library. This only works with the Qobuz app.

I repeat my question to you: Can you not get any support from your dealer, to solve this issue?

Thank you.

I forgot to mention that if you are using a Windows computer with the Rossini set to USB Class 2 you will also need to download the USB Class 2 driver from dCS to the computer. You can find this on the dCS home website under “Documents” .

If your phone connection has sufficient bandwidth, you might be better of using a router with SIM card for your home LAN