Rossini freezes controls but still sometimes plays

I bought Rossini w CD a year ago new and it behaves sometimes very strange, in the sense that control if output level does not work anymore, not only via ios app but more stangely also on Rossini itself. You can turn it and nothing happens.

Also in this stage apple play can not connect anymore - mosaic app still can and rossini needs to be powered down. Any suggestions how to fix

Add info

  • up to date firmware / apps
  • dcs linked to router via lan
  • nas serving via minim server
  • ios control
  • playing Flac

Front panel/ control vers 2.01
Network board vers 1.1.0 (503)

Just for clarification when you say that “control of output level” does not work are you referring to the volume control or to the line output voltage? I think you mean volume but I just thought that I would check.

I note from the screenshot that volume is not set a maximum but lower. If the volume control does not work either using the rotary control on your Rossini or via Mosaic app how was this volume level accomplished? Is is just stuck there from a time when it did work? Incidentally where it is set corresponds on my set up to around -35dB which is really too low for full resolution of the music playing. A lower line output voltage would allow you to use the volume control ( when it works :wink:) into your Pass power amp at a more suitable setting if where it is now represents an average listening level for you.

I also note the temperature of the Rossini which strikes me as marginally high which may be normal or may suggest a fault. None of my Vivaldi boxes exceed 40.

I am not sure where the failure to connect with Apple Play leads us as it seems that all other connectivity issues are working fine.

Failure of the volume control to work at all in any mode is not a fault that I have seen here and which can be solved via an online chat. I am assuming that you do not have the front panel menu display active when the volume control scrolls through the menu options instead of controlling volume? A similar scrolling not volume function occurs if you are playing from a USB stick when it navigates the tracks. If neither of those options is being used then as your Rossini is still under warranty I would contact your dealer. That is what they are there for.

Hello Pete

You are right, it relates to volume control and not to max output voltage which is set to 2V.
The temperature is always in this range (noting that room temperature is 21C and power amp not working since 12h).

After rebooting the device you typically can adjust volume again.

You are right connectivity and network does not seem a problem and the issue being somehow software related. What is odd is that the manual volume control from Rossini stops working.

Thanks a lot


Hi Michael,

When this happens, is it only volume control that stops working?
Can you still change sources on the unit, or change the filter selection for example?
Or, is it that everything seems to lock up until the unit is rebooted?

Hello James

Thank you very much for reverting. What actually happens is that volume control stops working and you can still change the music for example via UPNP. I never tried changing filters or inputs.
Also the sound stay perfect. One I tried to put the Rossini on standby instead of rebooting and the control via UPNP failed. When it happens next, I will update you. What is you suggestion, should I download the logs from Rossini, and more importantly does Rossini lose the logs after rebooting?

Kind regards and many thanks


(PS if it is easier you can also drop me an email)

Yes it does, so you should grab the logs before rebooting if possible - from the sounds of it, you should still be able to do this without any issues . You can see details of how to grab the log files here.

That would be great - if you see it happen again, try changing some things on the Rossini (not via UPnP) like the filters, the input etc. to see if it is just the volume control not responding or if there is something else going on.

I’ll drop you an email around this.