Questions About Upsampler Logs

Hello, I have a couple of questions about the logs generated by my Upsampler:

  1. Is the time clock set to GMT?
  2. I’ve read this static post about the logs, and I understand that every time I reboot the Upsampler, intentionally or not, that the log is cleared. But why does my log have entries from last year [last entry appears to be Dec 13, 2019] , plus the most recent since reboot?
  3. Is there any way to pull logs off the DAC?


No comment on the contents of the logs as there honestly isn’t much of anything interesting in there.

Yes (well, if we’re splitting hairs it’s UTC)

We don’t maintain a battery backup for the network card’s clock so the counter resets to zero when powered down. In order to avoid some strangeness associated with cold booting with the clock at zero it gets set to the date and time that the kernel was built which (in the case of Mosaic 1.1.0) was December of 2019. Once the network is active the card pulls internet time and sets time accordingly.

The log files only apply to the network card

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Thanks for the clarifications Andrew. This is helpful. Sorry about the GMT reference. I know it should be UTC, though I still have a nostalgic fondness for GMT.

Which we Brits still call it. I live just about on the zero meridian ( I can cross from east to west a couple of streets away). The Greenwich Observatory itself is within walking distance ( or walking distance when I was a bit younger :frowning_face:).

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