" problems since Mosaic Upgrade to v.1.4

My Rossini was recently upgraded to Apex with excellent results. Over the last few days, I undertook the latest software updates and the Mosaic v1.4.

I have noticed 2 issues with the Mosaic. This is on an Android tablet and the music is stored on a Melco NX1 EX, library ordered under simple tag s/w. The 2 problems are:

  1. the summation of track times has disappeared when queuing e.g the tracks of a symphony. I valued this facility , indeed would like to have a “time remaining” capability too.

  2. I have a problem (I understand a consequence of Android) where the tablet screen blanks after 10 minutes; I’ve never been able to cure this despite helpful suggestions on this site. However, I found a way to live with it by pressing on the display of the running disc, and then again on the resulting enlargement; this is now a lot more flaky and prone to losing all parts of the display on the RHS.

I look forward to your comments and some hope of a further s/w update to fix these issues. Incidentally, would switching to an Apple Tablet avoid the display blanking problem, as I’d been led to believe?

Many thanks

Peter Murray-Robertson

PARPete Rogers


Hi Peter and thanks for your information. Yes there do appear to be some issues with this Mosaic version. May I draw your attention to a dCS point last week?:

"Hi All,

If you are having any issues with Mosaic 1.4 can you please make sure that they get emailed to [email protected] - that way they don’t get lost in the middle of a thread on the forums. We do try to keep an eye on the forums but it is quite “fluid” and I’d like to be able to track the problems that any of you are having."

It would be great if you could drop them an email.

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Album duration is similarly missing on my iPad and hopefully will be restored ASAP. Good news is that I certainly don’t get your blanking problem though Mosaic still suffers from the dropped connection problem about once an hour.