Problem with Network card firmware 513 and SSDP discovery


Since the upgrade of my Vivaldi Upsampler, after a while it stops answering to M-Search (SSDP discovery with uPnP) requests but also stops sending periodic NOTIFY messages (I wait an hour while it was happening every 10-15min).
The impact is that when uPnP control points are restarted, it becomes “invisible”.
So far the only solution I found is to reboot the upsampler (disconnect/reconnecting the interface is not enough).
It is not a requirement with Mosaic as it barely uses the discovery from what I can see. It records the address of the device it is supposed to manage and uses it directly every time it is restarted.

I am used to the fact that it does not answer to SSDP discovery (a bug I noticed long time ago and mentioned to dCS without much success to get it solved) but at least I could leverage on periodic NOTIFY messages and in worse case, I could simply disconnect and reconnect the interface to force a stream of NOTIFY. Now that even that does not work…

Is there someone else who notices that issue?

I wonder if your problem is related to the one that several people have reported regarding the inability to access UPNP servers via Mosaic when they are present and working properly on the local network.

I would say no.
Even if I don’t know if Mosaic pulls the list of uPnP servers nearby from the network card or itself like most other control points but even if it does, from what I remember of the network traces I did, when my issue is happening, I can still see that the network card replies based on NOTIFY frames from servers. It simply never shares as expected its own set of capabilities (neither when asked with M-Search nor on its own by periodically sending NOTIFY frames).

Having said that, that does not mean there is not more than one issue in that update (as a Mosaic itself was also updated…)