PCM/DSD filters display

On my former Bartok, only PCM filter was displayed (when playing PCM and upsampling set to DSD).

On the Vivaldi One I’m currently testing, it works the opposite. Only DSD filter is displayed.

User’s manual says that PCM filter is the one to be displayed.

Am I the only one that gets DSD filter displayed and not the PCM one?

I’m not sure about the Vivaldi One, but on the Bartok, you will only see the DSD filters on the Batok LED screen when you’re streaming a DSD source.

For all PCM sources, regardless of whether you’re upsampling to DXD or DSD, the Bartok’s Display screen will only show the PCM filter. If using DSD Upsampling, to change the DSD filter, you’ll need to use Mosaic Control (or the front-panel by changing the AUDIO SETTINGS menu).

That’s what I said

My question is not about the filters themselves, but about which one is displayed when both are set and you are upsampling to DSD.
Vivali one, Rossini and Bartok have only one filter displayed.
According to manual PCM filter is the one displayed (when PCM is the source), so it was on the Bartok, but now, on the Vivaldi One, the one I see is DSD filter, regardless the source is PCM or DSD.
Malfunction or wrong user manual description?

Hi Manel,

You are correct, the display should be showing the PCM filter when the unit is set to DSD Upsampling.

Could you kindly advise what software version is currently running on your unit? You can see details on how to determine the software versions here.

I asked the same question to dcs 2 years ago for the Rossini. Answer was if dsd appears, you use dsd filters, if not you are in pcm. Ok for me.

Thanks a lot for your fast response, I appreciate.

Versions (same data on Mosaic and on device):
No Update available

@James Eagerly waiting for your instructions on how to proceed.
What to do? Factory reset and see if it gets solved?
This is how my Vivaldi One display looks:

Hi Manel,

Apologies for the delayed response. I have done some investigation and this is a bug in Vivaldi One, so I have gotten it logged with our engineering team.

There’s nothing you are doing wrong nor anything off with your individual unit per se, this isn’t indicative of any sort of wider issue with it at all, just a bug in the software.

My apologies for the inconvenience here.

Thanks a lot,

I doesn’t actually bothers me, it was just a concern about the possibility of my unit being faulty.

Which filters do you prefer now with Bartok 2.0?