Only 1 song at a time?

good day all, just installed a new Bartok last night and was able to Play Tidal and music from my NAS with no problems.
Today when I tried to play from either source it would only play one song and no more. on the NAS it will show play all at the top of the Mosiac Screen but when I select a song it only plays that song and quits The Screen on the Bartok shows Folder Empty,
On Tidal it only will show about 50 songs from my 1000 song playlist, and if I select any song it plays once and quits playback.
Have changed a setting somewhere that I can’t find to prevent Play all from playing more than 1 song or should I do a full reset of the Bartok?, reinstall Mosiac on my iPhone?
any help would be appreciated

Try a reinstall first ( delete the existing copy first) and report back. I do not know the maximum number of songs it will display in a playlist as opposed to your collection on your NAS ( the two are not the same) but 50 songs seems far too small. As for only playing one song at a time that sounds pretty much like this question from a couple of weeks back:

This is just for starters and I am hoping for an easy result. Otherwise I need more information; Android or IoS? When you select UPnP what are you seeing ( I see my collection of well over 1K albums, not just songs)? What UPnP server software are you using?

Thanks for the reply the reinstall of Mossaic solved most of the issues
But for some reason my playlists folders in tidal created on my oppo 105 are empty even though the Bartok shows the folder must be a tidal thing

Can you see your playlists if you download the Tidal desktop app to your general computer and view them there?

Yes if I go to the tidal app on my iPhone, Oppo or Firestick the playlist folder is there fully populated. I have been creating a favorites folder in tidal on the Bartok that seems to be working well but it does not transfer back to my other devices

Mosaic has its own ability to build playlists within the app. These will not appear outside of your connected dCS equipment.

Using Qobuz as an example ( I do not have a Tidal account), their API ( the source code that populates the Qobuz section in Mosaic) shows playlists within my Qobuz account and these will be available on any device that can display a Qobuz app as the playlist is held on Qobuz’ servers not in Mosaic.

So if you want to see your Tidal playlist you need to select “playlists” within the Tidal section and not select the “Playlist” Icon at the screen bottom as that is for playlists created within Mosaic.

So , in my case, if I select the bottom of the screen icon it shows " nothing found" which is correct as I have not built any. If I select “playlists” within the Qobuz section of Mosaic then all of my Qobuz playlists appear.

thanks Pete I undstand what you are saying about QoBuz and tidal works much the same. it’s just strange that when I click on the Tidal Playlist button it shows my MikesFavorites folders as it should but it shows them twice and neither one is populated, below my folders it also shows 1 album which is fully Populated. the Playlist at the bottom of the Mosaic Tidal app does work correctly so I am just building a new favorites folder there. Now if Mosaic would give the Option of Randomizing the new playlist I would be a happy Camper.
with 48 hours now on the Bartok playing music or the Signal Generator playing I am starting to hear things in the music I haven’t heard before, but the Female voices sound different then my other sources, don’t know if it’s my memory or the Bartok. I will have to play a record and a song from Bartok that matches to see. Might be a Bartok filter thing? quickly switching filters I can hear no difference on the Tidal MQA stuff
Love experimenting

That’s because when rendering MQA there is only one filter - the MQA one. Or do you mean that you cannot hear any difference between redbook and MQA? I can’t add much on that as I have only heard MQA once back in February 2013 during its launch phase.