No UPNP servers available

I was misunderstood. Today’s MinimServer update didn’t change anything. I had the earlier version for 2 months and did not update it. So this is not a MinimServer related problem 100%. What confirms my belief is that before the failure, Mosaic saw all UPNP servers in my network and there are three of them (JPlay Server and Panasonic TV UPNP server. Now Mosaic does not see any of them and they are all in the network and other devices use them. Additionally, the universal The UPNP client sees all these servers and DCS Rossini on the network and can send the music that is played there. Unfortunately, it is not well supported by Screenreader and is not a good solution for determining what is happening with Rossini and Mosaic.

There are 30,000 updated installations of Mosaic v.1.4.3.( see Phil’s response above). Only 4 have reported this issue. It is therefore unlikely to be an issue with Mosaic per se.

We know that particular network configurations, software or hardware, can result in discovery issues for Mosaic. ( AFAIK nothing to do with this update). Your circumstances may make checking this difficult using Screenreader. Perhaps @Phil can help outside of the forum?

I didn’t change anything on my home network. The last change I made was replacing the switch a year and a half ago. I have been using this network configuration without any changes for 5 years, first with Bartok and now with Rossini. As part of checking various possible causes of this problem, I did a lot of different tests. I changed the router to another one, it didn’t help. I connected Rossini directly to the router, it also didn’t help. Of course, I reset the network devices and Rossini many times, but this did not solve the problem. If you have any suggestion that I can take and try on my home network to solve the problem, I will gladly use it. I have no ideas at the moment. In fact, the only change that took place at that time was connecting the Rossini clock to the converter. For 3 days after connecting the clock, everything worked properly.

Hi Guys,

We are still looking into this but unfortunately it’s taking longer than normal to get the various logs that have been supplied by the people reporting issues through R&D - as soon as I have something to report to anyone then I will do…

I’m afraid I cannot give any more information than that and I am aware that it is frustrating but all the information supplied has been escalated to the appropriate teams and as soon as I have something back I will be in touch with everyone.



Thanks Robert. I see that Phil has responded so I leave it it in his expert hands.