No female dCS owners?

Your wife is very bright, it is a trap…Now I can’t see how you shall avoid buying a new kitchen for probably twice the price of your dCS gear :joy:

@Zapp you’re a lucky man. Congrats for your Rossini gear! I love mine :heart:

Well i had to register to be the exception to the rule, i’ve been on pink fish for erm a long time, also Steve Hoffman. Currently looking at the DCS portfolio for one of my systems. I’m probably a heretic here having Audio Note Avantgarde as my primary system, but currently considering another “big” system for another room.



I might be radical and say one reason so few women have exotic hifi’s is that the hifi dealers are such awful places for women as a whole. the lp12 forum on facebook has quite a few active female members I also know of a few other female Audio Note system owners.


Welcome to the community Jennifer. It is really pleasing to welcome a woman as there is such a gender imbalance in this hobby. So thank you for helping to redress it.

Largely they are not a good place for men either :smiley: .

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Thank you, and sadly why does your last comment not surprise me… Even car dealers are better and they are AWFUL.

It poses an interesting question for the industry in that if there aren’t shops on the high street and no one ever hears what a really good system can do where is the sustainability?

i suspect that whilst many mock B&O they are faring better with female customers due to elegance of design, customer service and products that don’t need fettling or vast miles of cable.

I suspect many women who are interested don’t participate in the forums as there are no other women there already. in all honesty had i not seen this thread i would hve carried on lurking and doing my research and not responded.

FWIW looking at both a network bridge and also considering a Rossini (different rooms).


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Network Bridge is NLA. Unfortunately dCS had it withdraw it as rising costs and component supply issues made it no longer viable to continue manufacture.

Incidentally my friend’s wife ( I am not attached) has been very complimentary about the dCS dealer that I use in central London. She visited the store with her husband and was really impressed by finding good looking equipment in a well appointed store. Her main object of enthusiasm, surprisingly, was the Degritter ultrasonic vinyl cleaner !

Welcome Jenny to this community. I am glad you decided to take the step.

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Welcome to this very small community, but very respectful.

By the way, does someone could rename the topic « No ladies dCS owner ? » I am pretty sure the intention was pure, but women or ladies would sound better and may be other ladies would join ?

@ChrisK my intention?! This was my intention.

Click bait ?

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Pete yes I was aware of the network bridge situation. I think I know where there are a couple left :grinning:

Walrus probably scared me for life, although they were never a DCS dealer… so I’ve not been into a London dealer for many many years.

I should probably give a dealer a go again. See what floats the boat. Maybe research to ensure they don’t have a Vivaldi dac on site to really upset my thinking.

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Just curious to finally hear from women (not just the old men around here) what they are interested in, considering music and really good gear.

Warning: All of the UK dCS dealers have a Vivaldi on site AFAIK. However they are also unlikely to force you to listen .

Ah, Walrus of fond memory. Pete and Les were lovely guys but the shop looked like a set from Steptoe and Son ( ah, you are too young to remember that).

I don’t want to specifically recommend a dealer.I would just mention that the one I use has an address in London W1 if that’s in your locality :smiley:.


I suspect I’m very unusual in my buying habits and expectations. I grew up with my grandparents where the hifi was a key part of the daily routine. I learnt to play the piano at school and progressed through the grades etc. My early diet was classical and then moving into rock and pop, dance / electronics at university and then jazz etc. Pre lockdown if I was in London I’d go to at least one gig / concert a week.

In terms of expectations, I expect it to work to be painless to be consistent and to have a nice user experience / interface. I don’t want faff I don’t want tweaks I just want simple and good I do t have time to faff. I also believe in buying once buy right. I like to buy quality form a company that stands behind its products, services them updates them etc… I hate disposable culture and so few elements of this hobby have really lived in 20 years (digital excluded) as such I expect an amp to be serviceable etc. My other expectation is stylish design. Not penis substitute design but proper style. So few loudspeakers are aesthetically interesting or pleasing. I think this is a major hurdle in wanting to change at times

I think for many women they have so little time to themselves that this is not an area of interest loud music is quite antisocial. If you have had a day of running round as bread winner, mother, cook, teacher etc spending time listening to music is possibly not the peaceful end to your day. I also suspect many women cannot justify the prices, particularly these days where really good kit costs as much as a good 2nd hand car.

My multiroom gets FAR more use than my “big” system which primarily gets used in the winter when I use my living room the most. Summer time I’m in the kitchen or outside enjoying th W garden and fresh air. The current interest in DCS is to put a simple setup with active speakers in that space so I get the best of both worlds albeit minus vinyl but I don’t want another mountain of vinyl paraphernalia.

Dealers…. Well sadly the industry has gone two ways hard sell, or geeky old blokes. Neither of which can communicate with women or leave you feeling respected when you walk in. I have actually been asked if I want to bring my husband in for the dem… (I’m not married) and even if I was so surely I can make my own decision if I am the primary customer? I had dealings with a well known naim dealer about 18 months ago who couldn’t look me in the eye but stared intently at my backside and legs when I was walking round the shop, zero sale.

Thanks Jenny for sharing your thoughts.

Just to get an idea of what is looking pleasing to you: would these speakers match your taste?

And/ or these?


thank you for the pics. My comment was more generic rather than specific need. Speakers are so personal visually and sonically. I think one of the challenges is not just design but fit and finish. One of the things i like about my current Avantgarde’s is the quality of finish and the quite striking visual, but they reside in a very modern space.

I think B&O are the winners on design and dare i say it when fed with a non B&O source represent huge sonic value, beolab, 5,9,20,50 specifically. I personally like active speakers to cut down on the box and cable clutter. but we all have difference views. In an ideal world i’d have all the electronics hidden away with ipad control, although IR volume still wins for finesse. But heat and cable costs make this prohibitive in many situations.

for me the hifi is means to an end, it’s a device that hopefully transports me to recording studios and concert halls and reconnects me with good times.

Well, dCS excells in exactly doing that.

You are not alone on this site with Avantgarde’s and Audio Note:

He has a matching dCS Rossini DAC + Clock.

I have an Audio note Jinro and Dac4 the Jinro being an all copper version of the Ongaku.

Thank you for sharing the system pics. when my renovations are finished i will have to take some new pics.

I remember the shop well. Aladdins cave meets Steptoe and Son, going downstairs was like stepping back another 20 years…

I know the W1 dealer. Very shiny shop.