No female dCS owners?

I agree entirely about the higher-end B&O active speakers: I have BeoLab 90s as my front speakers and Lab 50s as my rears, as I enjoy surround sound music (and have a quadraphonic turntable and eight-track cartridge player). The Lab 90s are remarkable speakers with an astonishingly flat frequency response and cutting-edge DSP that can take the room out of the equation without the need for visually intrusive room treatments.

That sounds absolutely amazing. Dark SIde of the Moon on that must be a real experience. I have a rather special pair of Lab 5’s in my bedroom and lab 9’s in my study and full set in the cinema. Seriously considering 50 or 90 for the new extension as it will be by far the largest space and I think it will benefit from some serious DSP. They have really got back into the music game, I love active speakers and the simplicity they offer.

Given the fetish in so many sectors for “collaborations” dcs meets beolab 50/90 would be one hell of a cocktail:

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a major step forward, I’m not just an observer, I’m now a DCS owner. a nice network bridge has arrived and is plugged in warming up. first impression is very positive, really loving the simplicity of setup, so much less tedious that a previous streamer. Very impressed so far. spdif straight into active speakers is awesome.


Hi Jenny,

I’m a newbie on this site but your:

“The current interest in dCS NB is to put a simple setup with active speakers”

struck a chord.

I got myself a network bridge a few months ago to feed my Kii 3 active speakers and love it. It replaced my all singing all dancing ‘hi end’ NAD.

Re the Avantgarde speakers. I had Omega duo’s for about 10 years. The Kii’s just so outclassed these that there was simply no option but to replace them. I bot them on first listen and never looked back. Alas, I don’t have the possibility to have more than one system.

High quality OCXO clocks and audiophile switches moved this combination from great to sublime for me. Not meaning to do that free advice thingy, so apologies if too pushy.

One more thing. I’ve only been active on this forum for a few weeks. It’s easily the most friendly and warm forum I know.

Best wishes


Just to complete an interesting Walrus circle, Les sold me a Wilson Benesch turntable when he worked at KJ in W1 and then took it back in PX for an SME after he started Walrus with Pete. Pete is now back at KJ and not only installed my Bartok but a Lyra cartridge in the original SME. Les was a lovely guy but organisation was not his forte. And welcome to a small club Jennifer.

And just to bring the story up to date(ish) I understand that Les has returned to his home country of Malaysia.


Thank you for the kind words. I must admit I’ve had the Kii on my radar, but I don’t see myself replacing the audio note avantgarde system in a hurry.

My network bridge is feeding a pair of Beolab 5’s on their spoof interface in my bedroom. Absolutely fantastic really loving the sound.

I would love to hear Richards system above the Beolab 50 and 90 are phenomenal speakers. I’ve Owned quads in the past and Rhaido, but in terms of hassle free pure enjoyment I listen to more music and less hifi with my 5’s….

I now really fancy another bridge for my home office but that might be a bit of an indulgence teams had killed the luxury of music and work…

I haven’t been in KJ for a long long time either. I walk past quite often but it’s normally shut, maybe I should make an effort when I have time to kill.

So maybe I should throw another weird Aladdin’s cave into the mix, sounds of music…