New Switch - Any suggestions

My current switch will soon be “End-of-Life”. There are still plenty of time left.

But I have started the search for a new one:

  • Minimum 2 x 1G SFP Uplink
  • Minimum 6-8 x RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Unmanaged
  • Aluminium or metal case (no plastic)
  • Fanless/Quiet

I am looking for high quality - but no audiophile switch.

Suggestions are more than welcome.



Very happy with my Cisco Catalyst 2960-L switch. Meets all your specs, except it is managed, but just a minimum of setup is needed.


This is the 8 ports/ 2 SFP one, mine is 24/ 4.


Cisco make very high quality switches (actually everything they make hardware-related seems to be very well made, unless it dates back to their Linksys days). I’m also generally happy with Ubiquiti switches (although less so with their routers).

While you didn’t ask this question, I found the Netgear switches I’ve tried sounded dreadful. While I know this is apparently impossible, I won’t be trying that experiment again (and won’t labour this point either).

I’d add that most managed switches don’t have to be managed. You can generally leave them in their default config and use them as a standard switch (I can’t speak to the switch above, but it looks straightforward enough to configure, if you need to do so).


@Ermos - THX :slight_smile:

That would cover all my needs. What model is that?

Cisco - WS-C2960L-8TS-LL - Catalyst 2960L-8TS-LL - Switch
Cisco - WS-C2960L-8PS-LL - Cisco Catalyst 2960L-8PS-LL

The only challenge that I have with this switch, it is managed. I don’t have a good knowledge about who to config at switch, I would prefer an unmanaged. The nice thing about unmanaged: Just instal it and forget about it.

But the specs are perfect.


PS: It seems that 2960-L is “End-of-Sales”

THX @jandersonhill - That is quit important for me.



I got a switch from Sotm, it works great. Not sure it considered as audiophile switch or not.

Just one caveat to Erno’s otherwise excellent recommendation; if you’re buying new, although the 2960 is still available from many retail sources, it’s actually a discontinued model (albeit it’s still supported when purchased new from any Cisco channels).

If you’re still game for a Cisco, get the Catalyst 1000 series instead - specifically, the C1000-8T-2G-L is likely what you want, or better yet the C1000-8P-E-2G-L model which uses an external 12V Power Supply (so you can pick your favourite low-noise 12V LPSU to combine with it).

For your intended use and price-wise, there’s no significant difference between them.

Hi Anup,

You probably mean C1000-8T-E-2G-L for the one with external PSU - the C1000-8P-E-2G-L is a model with POE that most people won’t need I think?

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Hi Torben,

You would need the Cisco - WS-C2960L-8TS-LL. The P model is with POE (Power over Ethernet).

It is indeed end of sale. That means, as @Anupc indicated, that you still can buy it through official channels, and at a significantly lower price. My brand new WS-C2960L-24TS-LL (24 ports/ 4 SFP) was under € 500.

You could compare actual pricing between these two, and make up your mind.

The easy setup guide is here , so you can have a look if you can do that.


Quite right! My mistake :laughing:

@Paul_Bemelmans - Thanks Paul.

If I understand you right, than C1000-8T-E-2G-L is a 12V (i assume 12V - seems to be standard) that need a SMPS or LPS?


PS: I assume that you don’t have to pay yearly licence fee (back in “old” days you had too pay each year a fee)

Yeah, that’s what Anup suggests. I suspect that this -E- model actually ships with a power brick of some sort; which you then could replace with an “Audiophile” one.

Very happy with my Melco S100 but recognise that it is at the rather expensive end of the spectrum!

AS a long time user I agree but the OP says on his brief :

Does “no comment” constitute a comment?

Asking for a friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

Only the P version has an external power brick, see below, and is a PoE version. The T version has just an internal PSU.

Note that it has a proprietary power connector to the switch. But anyway, you don’t want a PoE version.

I thought it might be good to go back to your original question… and ask some in return :slightly_smiling_face:

Why do you want to replace it? Simply because it’s end-of-life? Many people would just carry on using it until it fails, which could be years away.

Unless I’m mistaken, I think I may be able to part answer my own Q. I think your current switch has no SFP so if you get one with SFP you can ditch the separate Startech FMC. Correct?

Why do you need so many ports? I thought you only used 2, but maybe I’m misremembering your schematic or it showed only highlights.
Do you connect non-hifi components to the switch too?

Unmanaged makes sense to me.
Aluminium/metal case makes sense to me.
Fanless/quiet makes sense to me.

It would be a waste of an audiophile switch to install it near your router, with multiple (and possibly non-audio) devices attached.

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My current switch has 2 X SFP :slight_smile: And yes I already have a StarTech FMC :slight_smile:

Only audio is attached to this switch :slight_smile:


In case anybody need the information. This a list of SFP’s that would work with C1000-8T-E-2G-L


Below chat with Cisco:


The whole subject of requiring specific SFP’s for network devices pees me off! Especially when it turns out they are identical SFP’s to the ones you already own, just with a different set of manufacturer codes.