New Switch - Any suggestions

Not quite, Erno. I had a typo in my post that Paul corrected; the 8T-E-2G-L model is non-PoE but with an external 12V power brick (I actually have a unit at home though not in use). The PoE external PSU version has 54V Power Brick.

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Maybe I’m missing something, then why are you looking for a new switch? :thinking: What Switch is it?

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YES - And i many cases it locks you trying new SFPs.

But that is not the only thing to watch out for. Some of the above SFPs need attenuator when it is below XX km.

In the case of GLC-EX-SMD:
Distance ≤ 10km = Attenuator 10dB


Allow me… :blush: I don’t understand why either.

Thanks Anup. It looks quite confusing on the Cisco website.

Oh dear. I notice a problem with that setup….

…it’s missing a dCS DAC


Yeah, Cisco has so many products, and many that overlap in functionality :man_facepalming:t2:


All this seems rather complex. I’m using an ‘ 8 Switch’ Chord owns the company. It is unmanaged, great quality and not expensive.

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Presumably yours is installed just before your streamer where it will make the biggest difference to sound quality. @torbenrick is looking to replace his switch at the router end, which feeds into his optical chain, hence his not seeking an audiophile switch. :+1:

I can safely recommend the Ansuz Powerswitches. They took my Rossini Apex to a new level.

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As above, Torben seeks a non-audiophile switch at the router end of things rather than an audiophile switch at the streamer end of things.

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