Network keeps dropping with Bartok

Hi, I’ve had my pre-owned bartok for little less than a year and had always been listening to it as a roon endpoint.

I recently had an issue with the unit when it keeps dropping out from roon.

When I do a ping to the bartok’s IP for an extended period of time, I’ll get at least a 10% packet loss. For every 60 pings sent, maybe 10 will drop before the ping continues without issues for another minute and then it happens.

I’ve my laptop, roon server core and the bartok connected to the same switch and pinging from my laptop to roon server and vice versa is perfect but from the roon server or laptop pinging the bartok you can see the dropping issue.

I’ve switched the network switch, network ports, network cables into the bartok and it didn’t help.

Any ideas? I guess the network port on the bartok is bricked but how can I be sure i am not missing anytihng.


The port is probably fine replace the cable. It’s a more likely culprit.

Maybe try plugging your Laptop directly into the Loop Ethernet port on the Bartok, and see if operates normally to the 'net and to your Roon Server to start with? :thinking:


It is highly unlikely that the Ethernet port is actually physically damaged if it is working occasionally but the first thing to do is to move the Ethernet cable from the “main” port to the “loop” port and try that.

The “main” port is gigabit whereas the “loop” port runs at 100 mbits (which is still far more than is required for streaming) but if that works OK when you test it using that port then it gives us somewhere to start.

What sort of network cables are you using? What network switch are you using?

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Phil Harris

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Thank you all for the response. I believe I found the cause. I was connecting the bartok and the roon server into a network switch which in turn connects to a wifi range extender with an ethernet port. Not ideal I know but do not have much of a choice as its problematic to extend a network point into my listening room.

For some reasons with this configuration, the bartok will drop packets intermittently no matter which network port or cable I am using.

If I connect the bartok directly to the range extender it will be stable and the issue goes away.

No idea why but I’ll stick to this config for now.

Thank you all for the suggestions.

It took be some time back in 2017 to get my Orbi mesh network to work with my SGC device and my Vivaldi Upsampler. I kept getting dropouts until I unplugged my devices from the Orbi router and inserted them into a switch I had to add after the Orbi. rock solid since then.