My DCS Bartok no longer connects to my network

At 6:48 last evening, my network stopped seeing my Bartok. On investigating, I found that the switch it was connected to literally blew its lid, although no signs of anything burned. Replacing the switch with a Linksys does not help.

I am hoping that the ethernet port of my Bartok is OK. How can I tell?

In the meanwhile, can I connect to it via WiFi? How do I do this without the DCS Mosaic app, which will not connect.

Hi jarome,

There is no wifi support in the Bartók itself so that is not an option but you can try connecting the Linksys switch to the secondary LOOP port. If that works but the MAIN one doesn’t then you may have fried the port.

Good idea, but no cigar. The switch light blinks on the DAC cable, But Bartok is still not seen on the network

And the Bartók can “see” (i.e. has a clear network path to) the DHCP server (router)? What IP Address is the Bartók showing on its display (Menu/Info/Unit Status)?

No ip address. How do I keep the display on? The right-hand icon (a circle with arrows) is gray.

Turn the display on with Menu/Display Settings/On.

Don’t worry about the circle with arrows, that is just the firmware update button, it only lights up if there is an update available.

Please can you try a factory reset? Menu/Config/Factory Reset and see if it acquires an IP address on reset?

I’ll try. Thanks

Off to bed now but I’m running out of ideas here. The factory reset was a bit of a Hail Mary, I don’t think it touches the streaming board which is pretty much a self-playing piano. Short of trying a different Ethernet cable I can’t think of anything else to suggest. If none of my suggestions work I am afraid I suspect damage to your streaming board. Time then to pass the baton to the heavy artillery. Paging @Phil.

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Thanks for your efforts. The reset did not work. When the Bartok rebooted it said it had no input.
Phil said sending it to US repair facility is probably the thing to do.

Unfortunately, I think @struts001 is right.

Assuming your replacement switch has LED lights to indicate network activity, can you see them flashing on this port?

If not, then the port is likely ‘die-ded’ (as one of my twin three-year-olds puts it!). I think it’s worth taking to your dealer to see if they can make it work on their network, if not, they can return it for repair.

The lights flash on the switch, but the Bartok is still dead. Alas, there is no dealer within 500 miles. I am glad the DCS has a US repair facility.

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Good point - and I should have been a bit more precise.

If the lights flash very frequently on that port then my guess is that there is some communication going on. Sporadic lights indicates it’s ‘pinging’ the port, but not getting a response. Judging the difference, though, can be a bit difficult unless you know what you’re looking for.

Sadly, it seems to me that something ‘die-ded’ :frowning:, however, I’m glad you have a repair centre in the US.

I think it is pings. Ping itself does not work to its last ip address.

James, from the Bartok’s front-panel, you can scroll through the information screen to see what IP address the Bartok has. Use that for your investigation.

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It is really hard to use the front screen. And the instruction book does not say how to actually select something. But the Network screen says OFF.

I highly recommend carefully reading the Bartok Manual from page 28 onwards. It explains what each of the front-panel buttons do, and how to manoeuvre through the front panel screen menu.


A second switch was dead, and luckily my DCS is fine. Thanks for the suggestions.


Good stuff!

It occurred to me that the switch with the pyrotechnics might just have taken out something else when it went poff (or maybe it was taken out by something else that went poff first). But I assumed, arbitrarily and wrongly, that you were testing with a switch that was not in use at the time of failure.

I guess assumption made an ass out of ‘u’ and ‘mption’ again. Ho hum!

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All’s well that ends well. It cost just $25 for a new switch. Fast-blinking lights do not mean that the switch works I have discovered.


As my father always says, you learn something new every day - whether you wanted to or not!

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