Mosaic - Upnp - folder: no play all

Hello, suddenly, using Upnp, by folder, and than selecting an album, it’s no longer possible to play all the songs, because the Play All button doesn’t show anymore, how is that possible ??

Hi Fabio,

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem. It would be very helpful if you could provide some details on your system:

  • What dCS equipment are you using, and what are the software versions running on it?
  • What UPnP server are you using (MinimServer, Asset UPnP etc.), and what device is it running on?
  • From your post, it sounds like you were previously seeing the Play All button, but you are not now. Is that correct?
  • Bartok with headphone amplifier. The last version
  • Nas Synology DS120J - Bartok
  • Correct
    Thank you

Thanks Fabio. Do you know what UPnP server is running on the Synology NAS? So, something like MinimServer or Asset UPnP?

Thanks James. I’m not sure, but I suppose I use the Server Media on Synology

If you have not installed an additional media server, then yes you’ll be using the built-in Synology Media Server, and Audio Station. Which isn’t a very good one and has great difficulty with meta data. You should install MinimServer 2 from the Package Center and point it at your “music” directory (in my case, that happens to be “/volume1/music”.)

Really thank you, as soon as I have the necessary time I will try to do what you tell me. Thank you

Thank you very much Paul, i have finally solved this problem with MinimServer.

Excellent, I’m very happy for you.