Mosaic - some tracks from queue not available

For some reason, after losing the connection to the server, some tracks become unavailable. They can be added again and they will be played. Server and internet are also available. Previously, I did not observe this, the queue was always preserved when the sources were available and all queue could be played.

Has anyone had this?

This happens with my Bartok and the latest firmware and Mosaic are installed.

Confirm, from time to time Mosaic loses connection with my DCS Bartók for no apparent reason and does not remember my playlist. All playback controls are inactive. Another feature of Mosaic also irritates me. When the whole playlist ends, all controls are also inactive and i need to go to the Quee tab and start playing again from the first track if I want to listen to the CD again.

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Thanks for reporting this, sorry to hear you’re having this issue! Has this happened multiple times or was this a one-off incident?

From your screenshot it looks like you were using UPnP when this happened, is that correct? Have you had the same issue occur using other sources, such as online streaming services, or just with UPnP?

Hi James,

Yes, this happens with online services too.
This usually happens after rebooting the router or access point. Perhaps turning off Bartok also affects, but now I can’t say for sure.
This is not an one-tme case. From one source, one album may be available and another not.

Okay, that’s all good to know. I am assuming this is new behaviour, and that you have previously been using Mosaic 1.1.3 without issue?

The next time the issue happens, it would be great if you could download the log files so we can dig into what is causing the problem. Probably easiest for you to send them to me via a message on the forum.

I didn’t observe this before, but now I can’t say for sure whether it arose after the last firmware or not. Rather yes.

Yes, of course, I’ll let you know when I take logs.


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