Mosaic : Problems reading AIFF files

After discussion with @Anupc on this thread i decided to give a try to Mosaic reading through UPnP and comapre to Roon i adopted years ago.
I installed minimserver on my server ( Build 134), consolidate my library and tried to read my files and i found an issue reading AIFF files. My files are all coming from Qobuz, downloaded officialy, and whatever it is 16 or 24bits, no reading on my Vivaldi Upsampler. I check with FLAC files and no problem at all.
So i came back to Roon and no problem to read the AIFF files downloaded from Qobuz.

Anyone already faced this problem ?

Thanks for your support.

Best Regards

Hi @Patatorz

This is a known issue with a simple workaround, see


Hello @reeve_mike , thanks as i did not find this answer. You are right, withPoweramp and a bit of “conversion” it works fine !