Mosaic, ipad pro 2021, ios 15, tidal, not all art covers present

I have ipad pro m1, 12inch and after moving to ios 15 i lost most of albums art covers in mosaics. Is it only me?

I have a problem too: after upgrading my iPhone to iOS 15 my Rossini isn’t recognised anymore…

…and if you look on the web many others are having all sorts of problems when upgrading (?) to v.15. This kind of thing happens reasonably frequently with Apple and upgrades. All you can do is wait until they hopefully issue a patch. Fortunately they can be reasonably swift in this so await v.15.1.

I have to be more specific: Mosaic on my iPhone now still connects to my Rossini through my router (which is in my bedroom) but seems to have ‘lost’ contact with my main modem (with is in my living room near my hifi system).

Perhaps you would care to clarify a little more. If your phone running Mosaic connects to Rossini through your router and presumably the router is connected to the modem where is your problem?

I have even reinstalled the app with no luck

Maciej I suspect that this is what I initially suggested to @Psychomat that it may be an Apple iOS v.15 and Tidal issue and not specifically one to do with Mosaic. For example many are reporting that after installing v.15 Tidal is now no longer available via Apple carplay. NB : I cannot test it as for my i-pad the latest upgrade which was installed yesterday was v.14.8. and I am , in any case, not a Tidal subscriber.

@Psychomat 's issue is different from yours as it seems to be some kind of connectivity/discovery problem that I await further clarification of.

I’ve upgraded my (non-M1) iPad to iOS 15, and I’ve got no issues at all. Everything about dCS Mosaic/Tidal/Qobuz seems to work just fine as before.

Anyone at DCS is reading that? Any chance to fix this problem?
I have reinstalled Mosaic again and logout/login to Tidal again, with no positive effect

Your initial question about this was

Given the time that has elapsed and the lack of any other reports of this it looks like the answer is yes, it is just you. Can you see album artwork from other sources such as Spotify or your local files? Is Mosaic displaying radio station logos when playing them?

As I mentioned earlier I am not a Tidal subscriber. However I have no doubt that it has user configurable settings. These may not be accessible from Mosaic but from Tidal’s desktop player or from online access to your account. Have you checked these?

Radio logos are NOT displayed either

Additionaly, when you push Wake System buttno you get no action and strage white square

Thanks for your response Maciej. It seems that you are not getting any images irrespective of the ( external) source. I have never seen that white square accompanying the system Standby/wake button either.

I have no idea what is happening as radio station logos should at least be displayed. The airable logo is, however, shown and I can see from the screenshot that an audio stream is being played. So it is only the Mosaic fields dedicated to images that are not being populated.

Normally by this point one of the other regular contributors who are better equipped technically than me would have added their comments though we have to bear in mind the various time zones that we live in . The fact that they haven’t so far seems to infer that there is no obvious solution. I can only suggest that you wait for a day or so to see if anyone can add anything. One thought that has crossed my mind is that iOS has some less obvious settings buried in the software and I wonder if it may be down to one of those which is blocking the images.

Thanks, definitely it wasnt tested on ios 15.0.x and ipad pro 12” M1.

I know the source of problem. This is icloud private relay introduced in ios 15

That’s great and I feel vindicated speculating that it was an Apple iOS issue. I had a problem some time ago caused by the private address option in iOS ( not cloud). In my case however it did not simply remove images but if I recall correctly disabled all traffic with Mosaic. A simple remedy if you knew where to look as access to the configuration is rather obscure ( via the “i” in a circle icon in the wifi sub-menu). It was thanks to @Anupc for sorting that out for me.

So I hope that all is now fixed :+1:. I just noted from my ipad settings menu that v.15 is next.

Curiously, with iCloud Private Relay turned on, I only encounter problems with Tidal’s album cover art - some, not all, are blank. :thinking:

Qobuz and my local files however, are perfectly fine without any issues. :+1:t2:

At the beginnig i had the same, later all were blank, so probably you have some of them cached locally