Mosaic Displays No Serial Number - Rossini APEX DAC

Any rhyme or reason when using Mosaic it displays No Serial Number in device selection. I couldn’t find any mention of this in searches, thus the inquiry.

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P.S. The screen shot says (NO SERIA…) I’m not Carnac; but believe what it’s telling me in NO SERIAL NUMBER.

What serial number does Mosaic report in the Device Settings section? (it’s under Support or Status, can’t remember which and I’m not home at the moment). What does it report on the front panel display? If they are the same there is no issue so I wouldn’t worry about it.

I wonder if this is just a software error? My Vivaldi does not show a serial number in this view but IP address number. Your Rossini also appears to show this. However I do not see a similar message.

You can check the serial number or if there is one by using the menu from the front panel ( menu/info/version) or open Mosaic, top left corner , three lines, tap and select Status.

When using the menu button it displays the correct serial number. Just odd I’m thinking –


It seems that you do have a serial number. I am guessing that other than this issue it is all functioning correctly.So it looks like a software oddity.I have no idea why so perhaps @Phil can assist you?

There was in fact a previous thread on this exact issue, with an explanation from Phil;

Oh definitely Pete - works great – no issues. I just thought it was odd that Mosaic doesn’t “talk” to the Rossini to populate the Serial Number data. Why have that feature if it is null & void per se?

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Right - I saw that but it was pertaining to the Network Bridge & its’ software & not a Rossini which has a newer software version (and different to a degree) than the NWB.

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There was one with the Bartok as well actually;

Thanks to @Anupc for excellent archive hunting.

It’s an annoying bug but without any functional outcome. So I would think it not worth returning to a service centre. Maybe it could be fixed in Mosaic 1.43 whenever that might arrive?

Agree – thanks Aubrey – awaiting HQ’s input.

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Hi @honchi

The good news is that your unit does actually have a serial number installed, contrary to the name it has given itself.

Could you perform a ‘RESET INPUT NAMES’ via the ‘Config’ section of the menu please? It should change the unit and it’s input’s ‘names’ back to their default factory value. Which, in your case, should be ‘dCS Rossini DAC’.



Thank-you Sir…Sure – it’ll have to wait until this evening USA time but I’ll update the thread with the results.

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That fixed it – super guys. Have a nice weekend.

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