Serial number missing


For the last few weeks when I start up mosaic I have been getting the heading “dCS Network Bridge (no serial number)”.

I have not noticed any reduction in functionality.

Do I need to worry?

Best wishes


same for me. i have post for support, but no operationnal answer. seems not to be a real problem ?


Aubrey, from Mosaic Control, when you go into [Support] —> [Status], do you see the Network Bridge’s serial number? If yes, the following posts will show you how to edit that header.

Else, escalate to your dCS dealer or maybe report the issue to [email protected]

Same here the Mosaic App cannot retrieve the serial number from the Network Bridge ?

I have contacted dCS Support and i will update as soon i receive an answer👍

Hi Fredrik,

I understand that the Serial Number “NOT SET YET” issue is caused by an older firmware on the Network Bridge deleting the serial number when a “Factory Reset” was performed from the Network Bridge’s web interface.

The serial number being cleared has no effect on the functionality or the performance of the unit itself.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

So how can it be restored?

Hi Fredrick,

The units serial number can only be re-set by a dCS service centre - as the serial number isn’t required for correct operation and isn’t used for anything other than easy reporting back in Mosaic then I would suggest it’s only worth getting done if the unit needed to come back for something else.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

Thought the Mosaic app could read in the Serial nr from the unit, but then we know now it cant :+1: