Mosaic automatically deletes a playlist; unsure how to repopulate from Tidal

Good day! I can use some advice. I stream Tidal through the Mosaic app on my Rossini CDplayer/DAC. I save hundreds of titles on named playlists on the Mosaic (classical, jazz, etc). Twice the Mosaic app has spontaneously deleted my classical playlist while in use. 370 and 401 selections are lost each time. I do not know how to move the named playlists from Tidal to repopulate the Mosaic playlist. Does anyone know how to accomplish this? Is anyone having similar experiences? Can these be prevented?

Perhaps I am at the limit of playlist size, but it should not delete the playlist from Mosaic. As one may imagine, it is very frustrating. I was hoping to avoid adding an extra link in the music chain in the form of storage.

Thanks for your consideration of my dilemma. Joe

This thread may throw some light on the issue:

BTW, there are two playlist options. One is to store ( load) the playlist in Mosaic itself. The other is that from Mosaic you can probably access the Tidal playlist as held on the Tidal server under your account. At least that works with Qobuz so I assume that something similar is available via the Tidal API. However I do not know if the limit remains for display in Mosaic as I have no playlist on Qobuz exceeding a hundred or so tracks.

Thanks for your reply, Jeff. I create the playlist on Mosaic, and it is Mosaic that spontaneously deletes the playlists, perhaps when it gets too many entries. Once deleted, Mosaic will not permit further selections to be added into the playlist. I see the playlist on Tidal. I’ll try signing onto Tidal again and see if I can re-engage Mosaic and reload playlists.


My point was that you may not have to reload the playlist. If Tidal is like Qobuz then Mosaic will just display the playlist metadata as received from Tidal and you play it (stream it) from there. When you open Tidal in Mosaic is one of the options in the Tidal selection “Playlists”? I wonder if we may be at semantic odds? To clarify I am not creating playlists for Qobuz in Mosaic. I am only asking Mosaic to display what is on the Qobuz server.

Actually I build/manipulate my playlists within the Qobuz desktop app on my laptop. Any changes there are then automatically reflected in the Mosaic application for Qobuz.

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Hi Pete - Sorry about the “Jeff”. I appreciate your input. I will do more exploring on the Mosaic and Tidal apps, but I have not yet found a way to transfer saved playlist from Tidal to Mosaic, even though I created the playlists on Mosaic. Seems like it should be intuitive, but… Happy listening!