Mosaic unable to load large Tidal playlists?

Hello, I’m running the latest version of Mosaic with the latest version of the Vivaldi Upsampler. I just imported a friend’s 600 track playlist to my Tidal account and tried to load it in Mosaic. The circle spins for some time and then says “0 tracks”. I get the same result running Mosaic on my iPhone X via wifi and via an Android emulator running a wired network connection on my Windows PC.

Is there a limit to the number of tracks Mosaic is able to load in a Tidal playlist? Any way to increase the timeout?

Many Thanks,

Hi Jeff,

There is currently an upper limit on the amount of tracks Mosaic can bring in from a Tidal playlist, so for a playlist of ~600 tracks it is expected behaviour for Mosaic not to be able to import it currently.

This has been addressed in the next release of Mosaic, 1.1.1, so once that is released the playlist should work properly.

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What is the upper limit please? I have lots of Tidal playlists well over 600

Ben, James says in his message of a couple of weeks ago above that the limit is ~ ( approx. or similar to) 600. As your lists are “well over” 600 they therefore will not import correctly.

However James also advises that the next revision to Mosaic v. 1.1.1, which is shortly expected, has addressed the problem . You will need to await the release for specific details as I believe that dCS do not provide much beyond generalisations for future products because development may still be under way.

He did, Pete - but I went down to about 300 before it would build the list, so I don’t think it’s circa 600 - at least not for me.

It depends on how the memory allocated to playlists is allocated. maybe it is like a form where input to a field is limited to 500 characters and spaces. You can only then approximate how many words that may represent. There is no fixed number. So it may be that an allocation of xKbs may roughly allow for 600 tracks or around 300 of yours for some reason ( longer than average titles?).