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So, I now have 2 dlna servers running on my Linux machine Kodi and Minidlna. Kdoi is overkill for just creating a Upnp server, and would like to uninstall it.
But if I connect Mosaic to Kodi, it shows a “Recently added albums” menu item. But Minidlna shows “Recently added tracks”; classical music fan never want to play single tracks.
Is this difference part of the Upnp servers or is it a Mosaic setting? Is there any way to modify the minidlna server settings to do what I want?

The ability to play recently added records would be an excellent option. Such function have the Aurender Conductor that is unrivaled for me. It is a pity that Mosaic is so unstable and closes every now and then before I choose the material to play. Sometimes I repeat the whole operation 3-4 times.
Regards Robert

As I have repeatedly written on this forum, MinimServer is the only UPnP server software that Mosaic officially supports. Use any other and the results are unpredictable.

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MinimServer has a 65000 folder and 100000 file limit! I bought my expensive DCS DAC to play my huge collection. You must support other solutions!
I also cannot get it to work properly on my OpenSUSE LEAP 15.1 server. The configuration (of music folders) questions never come up.

My Kodi (+ avahi) uPnP server does this! Minidlna shows recent tracks.
DCS must support other solutions–Yesterday

I do not support any solutions. I am just someone who posts here. I am merely reporting the facts. I cannot add anything more.

James, just my personal opinion, even if dCS were to officially support another DLNA server, I would expect it to be a proper commercial server like Twonky, Plex, or JRMC, and properly DLNA Certified, rather than something like MiniDLNA/ReadyMedia that has to be “built by hand” by someone with root privileges on a Linux system.

James, please see this FAQ:

Mosaic basically just reflects the return from the UPnP server to the command sent to it . Depending upon the server in question and its configuration this may not be what you anticipate as many server applications do not necessarily fully adhere to DNLA spec. MinimServer does which is why dCS have decided to limit their support to it.

So your problem is with Minidnla as all that Mosaic is doing is displaying the information that Minidnla is sending it.

I am sorry that MinimServer has a limit of 65000 folders but if, as in my case, folder = album, then I would doubt that software would be likely to be developed in the anticipation that an amateur user would have a collection exceeding 65000 albums. That might be encountered with a national collection such as of the Library of Congress or The British Library :grinning:. I am afraid that you may be virtually unique in this respect. You could raise this issue with MinimServer on their forum of course:

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I now have 3 dlna servers running, and strongly recommend Kodi to everyone. It does not need to be built, and is the only one that lists recent albums. You are spreading FUD about “not adhering to the dlna spec.” Kodi and minidlna work nicely. I did not have to build either one for OpenSUSE.
IMHO, listing Recent Albums is essential.

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