[Mosaic FAQ] What does it mean that MinimServer is the only UPnP server that dCS fully supports?

This simply means that customers using Mosaic with MinimServer will receive comprehensive support from dCS to include assistance with configuration as well as troubleshooting a customer’s Mosaic and MinimServer setup. Should a bug in either platform be found dCS will work with the customer, his/her dealer, and the MinimServer developer to ensure that the issue is corrected as quickly as possible.

Furthermore we will continue to develop Mosaic using MinimServer as our engineering reference and as we add features we will ensure that they work correctly with MinimServer. In some cases new features may not be fully available if MinimServer is not used.

Am I on my own if I want use something else?

Of course not, other UPnP servers will work with Mosaic and customers are welcome to use whatever they prefer. Should an issue arise where the root cause is to be the behaviour of the chosen UPnP server dCS may not be able to provide a solution. In these cases we will encourage customers to try MinimServer and provide assistance in doing so.