[Mosaic FAQ] What UPnP server should I use for my music library?

Mosaic was developed using MinimServer as our engineering reference and this is the server that we will continue to use for ongoing development work.

Due to different software vendors having different interpretations of the UPnP standard we have found that all servers behave slightly differently under real-world conditions. As such we have determined that for the best user experience we must focus on one platform with full support from dCS rather than attempt to make Mosaic 100% compatible with every available option.

dCS considers MinimServer to be the best option available and MinimServer is the only UPnP server which dCS fully supports for use with Mosaic.

MinimServer is available on a wide range of platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and several popular NAS products. The software is under continuous development with a vibrant and dedicated user community.

More information on MinimServer is available from the MinimServer website.