Leadtimes for Rossini

That is the case with most preamps. Switch preamp on before power amps and power amps off before preamp.

It is actually very good as SS internal phonostages are concerned and will compare well to many outboard models . However it is very confusing to adjust for different cartridge output levels and loading requirements. Jumpers need to be fitted or moved around the circuit board using miniature fine nosed pliers or tweezers whilst paying close attention to the instruction manual. A total PITA.

Incidentally I much prefer using MC cartridges into step up transformers compared to high gain headamps and tubes over solid state.

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My unit was already with the dealer also(Shipping was fast to what i expect 7 days UK to my country, so about 9 weeks lead time for my case), he will personally deliver it to me tommorow, so excited :star_struck:

Yes! I looked at the manual once and changed my mind to invite my friend with his turntable for tests. I definitely need to do this somehow :smiley:

I have Debussy with Rossini clock and when I connect my DAC directly to my Karan Acoustic amplifier, I feel the same too but when I insert Silvercore Preamp 324 in between, everything turns to balanced and engaging.

I have found direct connection to be very clean, powerful, something like music with steroid.

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Tomorrow there will be the delivery of my Rossini DAC. I will make some comparison and then decide which way to follow.
The output impedance of the DAC is very low and the electrical matching should be perfect with my ATCs.

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Just do not make quick conclusions, listen to one variant for a longer time, then the other. I would spend at least a month on such a comparison, without fuss))

Amp-packs have a high input gain, which means you may need to use high digital attenuation or go to lower DAC’s gains.
What size of the room do you have now? And what volume level do you usually use on SCA2 preamp?

By the way, recently I had LINN Klimax DSM Katalyst on the test, for 2 weeks I had the opportunity to listen to it in different combinations. There, too, a very good digital level control is declared. If I’m not mistaken, LINN has given up on the production of external analogue preamps altogether. Yes, it is quite good, but I still would not give up my SCA2 preamp if I had to choose.

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Absolutely, I will take all the necessary time. My room size is approximately 40 m2 and I usually listen with volume knob (SCA2) at around h 09:00.
I am really open and curious at the same time to experiment something new, no matter what the final choice will be.

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Wow, my volume knob is about the same, around h 8-10:00, but in 18 m2 :roll_eyes:
I use 2v gain on Bartok

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